Wit-E Beats - Street Bangers 34 (420 Edition)

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downloading primarily for

downloading primarily for the devin da dude joints.....we'll see......i think ima put a tracklist together and send it to mfizzle and get it up on here....LOL Smiley Face ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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nice drop

phillies or optimos? i smoke swishas
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yes it is

them swishas for me...good d/l for them smokers -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE-

I roll

I roll doobies man. paper planes all day. thats a skinny ass blunt tho in the cover...yea devin tha dude, curren$y, and B.O.B. is the only good in this tape in my opinion.
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Yea whiteboyz usually smoke ziggys. That broad on the cover puffin on a rillo.


get urself a jointroller n a pack of ez widers then ur set for awhile. instead of spending $5 for a pack of swishers x's(times) how evermuch u smoke. shit gets too expensive.
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You're right about the joint roller, shit made my life a million times easier. EZ's aren't the best in my opinion though, they burn too fast and rip if you roll without the roller. I like Aleda's and Aledinha's. They're 100% natural, clear cellulose, burn slower, only got a slight taste they're 98% flavorless. Job's are nice too, not all natural, but are flavorless and burn slow.
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Job 1.5, bambu, EZ double wide, Zig-Zag ultra thinz.. thats the one's i like going from best to decent.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, NOLA to the front of the line *
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i cut cohibas....they like 5

i cut cohibas....they like 5 bucks a gar out in baghdad.....but when i run out i'm the only cat that still fucks with white owls i guess ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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Get some eggs, milk, browny mix, and a ounce. Oven on 375. Let cool. Get rite for 2 days. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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Bob Marley Hemp Papers

Nuff Said
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Go to your local Arab owned

Go to your local Arab owned tobacco shop and get you one of those multi-colored glass pipes, save on blunts and papers, only taste the weed, and nomatter how fucked up you get you can always pack the bowl
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For some reason pipes never do the job on me? I do have a gas mask. I strap that bad boy up and is gameover.
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i had one

but them give me the craziest cottonmouth and they make me feel like a cluck or crack head burnin it....if i fuggs with anything besides papers its brownies or my vortex gravity bong...a couple rips on that and its goodnight lol
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Papers over Blunts

Yung Screw 817 wrote:
Yea whiteboyz usually smoke ziggys. That broad on the cover puffin on a rillo.
apparently niggas do too... i fuggs with the whiteboy joints too...think, how many blunts were rolled in all of the friday movies put together...ONE, plus papers (depending on what kind you get) are cleaner smoke. AND you get more for the same price nor do you have to worry bout the freshness of the wrap
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I dont like papers cause some of my niggaz have big azz lips. They be nigga lickin that shit up and it ends up goin out or fallin apart. Plus you cant smoke a jay while you ridin either. You roll down that window and ashes start goin all over the place stainin your clean white-T.
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i smoke with my windows up personally

cuz i got deep tint but try the xl's they just like blunts...easier to roll cuz the roller cost as much as a swisha lol
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A fat ass swisha blunt does

A fat ass swisha blunt does the trick**I dont smoke phillies, pass me a swisha**
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cigarillos get that tight

cigarillos get that tight roll

Perfectos, rillos, jointz

Perfectos, rillos, jointz bongs pipes…BLAZE IT ALL BITCHES then buy this synthetic piss, then dl this shit right here. buncha good jams on this one!!


Does neone know all of devin the dudes OFFICIAL mixtapes n albums names? n where to get them at?
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rite here bruh

Just download them all they all jammmminn!!! http://bottomofthemap.blogspot.com/search/label/Devin%20The%20Dude ......To The X-Treme is one of my favs tho.

much appreciated

downloading as i type..
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devin dude

http://www.mixtapetorrent.com/dj-blade-devin-the-dude-take-flight....devin got a lot of albums, he just drop that 420 album...and also he got some tapes on here also, i gave one link but there is more, or yea bottom of the map got what you need but you gotta watch them cause my AVG software popd up sayn this site is unsafe but yea bottom of the map got alot shit -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE-
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Clicka One got a banga with

Clicka One got a banga with that joint. #8 Shit just keep on goin, zoned my ass out. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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thats the extended version of that clika one joint

the cover girl looks like my

the cover girl looks like my ex, she used to smoke all my urb that bitch.
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that gangelo joint

I never realized that brown sugar was a smoke song, that song was big hit back in the day, Guess I was too young to get the weed refrences, but it makes sense now. Classic joint.
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brown sugar is slang for heroin, and that is what the song is about.
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Smoked out

Damn where my dutch, garcia vega, backwood smokers at? Lol but if im in the hills somewhere then I will just grab a Swisher. *85*Midwest Mobsta
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Clika One TRack 8

Track 8 is a muthafuckin Banger!!!!!! These cats are running game in the southwest Romero the New Mexico Lobo is one of the hardest artists outta NM its good to see them on a mixtape with the likes of Devin the dude Southwest Souljas