50 Cent - War Angel EP


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Shit's Weak.

Shit's Weak.




everybody hate this fakeass fagot nigga


Guest234567345342 wrote:
everybody hate this fakeass fagot nigga
wow u can tell none of these haterz gave this tape a listen just runnin they lips sry but this is the hottest tape to come for a long while and im not into 50 but goddamn this shit right here puttin 50 back on top 4 sure cant wait till he drop that other tape july 2 its a rap for u most u niggaz

kill ur self for hating

kill ur self for hating

this shit hot ggg-unot

this shit hot ggg-unot

fuck 50 cent h wack as shit,

fuck 50 cent h wack as shit, i only liked his first cd everything after that garbage
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u gotta be out yo raggy ass

u gotta be out yo raggy ass mind and i aint even no fifty fan like dat but dat war angel shit hard as fuck u must aint listen to dis shit fif going in LYRICLY N DATS REAL TALK guess da nigga got tire of mfs sayin he cant rap

So icey north killin

So icey north killin G-Unit Frenchie > 50
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Shit That Shit Up...Them Niggas Aint Got No Fucking Rap Money LOL!Retarted Ass Nigga ~I don't spit bars, I distribute the crack fluid, all I'm really waitin on is for niggaz to act stupid- Jadakiss~


This should of been a album if you gonna hate eat a dick ill get that in early for all the haters. Know good stock when you hear it i aint feleling fif when he singing but when he is on point its straight fire and this is the end result. 10/10 ALL YOU HATERS ABOVE AND BELOW EAT A DICK HE RICH AND YOU BROKE BACK MOUNTAIN ASS BLOGERS.

shit is fire been waiting

shit is fire been waiting for this


OK on this cd his flow is cold,BUT his hooks anit worth shit.


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At least the Cover's aiight

At least the Covers on point.. 50 cent has reiterated why i don't listen to him, this was a weak effort, not hatin because i actually listened to this and critiquing it, haters are the one's wont give anything the time of the day and already have their mind made up to talk shit.. In my opinion, this wont win new fans, it might Satisfy his loyal fan-base though. That's the best way i can put it. [-N.O. Saint #1 in 09 ]


A weak effort? lol the funniest shit I eva heard. War Angel LP is the dopest and hardest mixtape in a while. Never front on this shit
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You a fan-boy

You a fan-boy for 50.. Thats Cool, you gone listen to his shit no matter if it's garbage or not, there's plenty of people like you my dude.. See me, i don't care if i like an artist or not, if he garbage imma say it and aint gone buy his shit no more, if an artist i use to not like put out some Heat, imma give em props and imma buy they shit, see i've never been a loyal fan of any Artist, i rely on them to make me good music, if they put out shit, imma treat them like shit, for the past few albums (including this Mixtape) 50 has been puttin out mostly garbage, even his diss songs is just garbage, i don't like his flow, his delivery, the beats he rap over or his arrogance. His first Album is the only one i own, i bought it because he was actually trying, after that i think his head got too big with all these Dick Envy Fans he had got from his underground fan-base that followed him into the Mainstream.. The Nigga was raw when he was underground, now it's pretty much "La La la, buy my shit La la la ".. But at least he better than Mike Jones, Baby, Gucci, Camron, OJ, Starr, Jeezy, Webbie, Cassidy, SlimThug, Rick Ross, and Fabolous. [-N.O. Saint #1 in 09 ]
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You were on a roll

I agree with pretty much everything you said up until you started naming people that 50 is better than... 50 is not better than Cam, Jeezy, Webbie, Cassidy, Ross, or Fab. Granted, I dont listen to alot of Cam, Cas, or Fab...but lyrically 50 can't see any one of those people you named except gucci, baby, Mike Jones, OJ, Starr, and Slim Thug. Webbie is actually raw, jus underrated and inconsistant
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how so?

Did you have you read what you just put down? "Webbie is underrated and inconsistent" Wtf? He probably where he is right now because of his inconsistency w/e i think that Fabo statement was a lil off but for the most part dcninc or what ever his name is was on point... ~I don't spit bars, I distribute the crack fluid, all I'm really waitin on is for niggaz to act stupid- Jadakiss~
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NO HOMO but I like listening to your reviews given the fact that you actually listen to the track u like da realest dude on diz website

hahaha all u haterz can eat

hahaha all u haterz can eat a dick shit fire instant classic!!!! wayyyyy beter then any tape thats droped for the last 3 years so suck a dick 50 on top "goons dont use autotune just wezzy" - 50 cent check thisis50 got over 20,000 downloads in 30 mins who else can do that no one thats who hahahaha GGGGGG-UNIT FUCK BLACK WACK STREET!!!!

Be honest to youself..u cant

Be honest to youself..u cant hate on this lp its fucking fire..street shit! listen to lil wayne, u cant even comperd hin to 50 50, banks are on fire! LP 10/10
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ut ol fif back on dat "get rich" shit

real talk ever since return of da bodysnatchers da unit been going hard speacialy yayo n banks dem niggas been killin mixtape after mixtape now fif said its my turn and he kill em wit WAR ANGEL

Hi Hater go suck a dick and

Hi Hater go suck a dick and listen 2 the #1 cop officer ricky

fifty going hard in 09

hi haters, i have not listened to this yet, but am hyped for it. to all fif's haters, and i know there is alot of you, when fifty is on his A game very few rappers can touch his flow. (i mean come on, fif totally blacked out on the ghetto qu'ron) His first release on full clip records "guess who's back" shoulda taught you lame ass's that. if you haven't heard it and you're a fan of hip hop then you're slippin, if you have heard it and still don't give him his props then you just don't fucking know rap. Get Rich or Die Trying was an instant classic. the other albums were without a doubt weak in comparison. However with the triumphant return of Shady, and b4 i self destruct sandwiched between two relapse albums, plus detox on the way... if you think curtis isn't about to come hella-hard this year, then you're blind and there ain't shit anybody can do for you. and if you're not a hater then cross your fingers and hope fif and em put out their collab album (dj whoo kid confirmed they had been working on an album) cause you know if he has to keep up with the best living lyricist it'll be crazy hot. oh yeah and not to be on interscope artists dicks today, but, Charles Hamilton where the fuck is your album @?? you liar motherfucker, on your blog you said june 16, on every other site says the 23rd, dammit i need this shit. ima fiend for sonic right now, and more than ready to start the hamiltonization process 09' for fucks sake

fake ass 50

he should make an album about snitchin rat ass bastard gggggg-unot or make an album how fake he is he had to steal a real gz name for fucks sake!!!!!!

and i war right, fifty went

and i war right, fifty went hard on this here, will agree that the hooks leave something to be desired. fuck it, tho, shit is free, and this really got me hyped for b4 i self desturct. keep eatin' fake ass rappers fif. -jerk
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THATS WHATS UP!!! i have not fuck wit 50 since get rich or die tryN but this here not bad 50!

4 Sho

Bole wrote:
THATS WHATS UP!!! i have not fuck wit 50 since get rich or die tryN but this here not bad 50!
Yea... Get Rich Or Die Tryin wuz mi shit and he hazznt put out anything dat could top it. But judgin from dis tape here..i say dat B4 I Self Destruct iz gon be his best album yet. dis shit go hard..4Sho


50's dopest sh!t since GRODT. Dis goes hard as fuk. Da h8rs cud go suk dey momma dick no1 cares bout dey ass anyway


iont like 50, shit i aint even gonna dload this shit.lol but the cover hott doe -ca$h ave boi

The last truely good shit i

The last truely good shit i heard from 50 was the get rich or die tryin album. this nigga was hungry on that shit. hopefully this will be the same raw 50 from back in the day.


GGG-unot shit shit shit

Wow all of you who saying 50

Wow all of you who saying 50 is a fake nigga have never got shot or had beef a day in your life what so ever so please shut the fuck up but i will agree on one thing,the hooks are not all that .
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check your facts fool...

50 was most likly ordered shot by Supreme for talking about him on his first album... 50 was a nothing hustler on the streets way down below Supreme and he all but named him on "Ghetto Qu'ran"... not to mention that he acted like he was running the team. so yes i would say he was and is fake and that is exactly why he got shot. not hating on the tape although not smart, 50 seems to make some ok tracks.
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fif got his 1st charge at 14 check his rap sheet

da nigga had 134ave on lock, been in numerous shoot outs SO HOW CAN ANY NIGGA SAY FIF FAKE (including him firing his weapon as well as gettin shot google da shit if dnt believe it nigga) fif just on dat c.e.o. shit NOW but dat "problem child" fif'll do dese niggas
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well put 2gether!! I

well put 2gether!! I GUARANTEE his official release wont be as tight as this !!! 9/10

Here is how it is...plain and simple

Eminem > T.I. > Wayne > Ludacris > Game > 50

you a clown

muthafucka u just said weezy is better than game and ludacris a fuckin fool for that one.


hahaha funny list...please tell me that list is a joke..and the tape is harddd

It goes Jay-z, tupac,

It goes Jay-z, tupac, biggie, andre from outkast,nas, eminem ,50cent

lol your lists are all fucked up

Real Hip Hop. wrote:
Eminem > T.I. > Wayne > Ludacris > Game > 50
just to be clear... the all time list goes: Eminem - Tupac - Jigga - Kweli - Biggie - Nas - Andre3000 - AZ - Mos Def - Ghostface - Big L - Charles Hamilton -Meth - Kanye - Q Tip - Weezy - BlackThought - Scarface - Rakim - Fifty. and damn makin a top 20 rappers list ain't easy to do, and since i'm faded i reserve the right to change this shit around later, but that's good enough for now. and i already know what the haters will say. but fuck ya'll. and charles is going to be top 5 in like a year.

Are you kidding me?Charles

Are you kidding me?Charles Hamilton before Method Man and fucking Rakim????????

hell yeah charles

yeah charles ahead of rakim and meth, sad part is the kid is only 22 and has probably already spit more bars than both of them put together. "maybe i'm pac-like/ maybe i'm top five/ cause lately every time i hear the top guys/ i turn off my radio every time i hear thos guys rhyme/ but i'm young and one day, maybe i'll understand why it's one way/ till then i sit back in awe of my lyrical ability to kill them all - CHarles
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fake niggaz & wack emceez

fake niggaz & wack emceez BEWARE! farrari 50 is back!

Fucking hard! Hes back, fuck

Fucking hard! Hes back, fuck these haters, FIIIRE!!!!
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Sick cover.. lovin it.. but

Sick cover.. lovin it.. but still dont make me like 50.. i give him props on makin his money but he a bitch to me any way
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that cocaine track is hot worth the dl

50 cent

Thanks for the upload!