DJ 31 Degreez - 80's Babies : Straight Off The Block Vol 1

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1. B.G., K Gates and Bonka-Rat Tat Tat
2. B.G., Bonka, Slim and K-Gates-Off Da Block
3. B.G., K-Gates, Bonka, Gar-Ghetto Superstars
4. K-Gates-Gettin This Money (Produced By: The Runners)
5. B.G., Bonka, K-Gates-We Doin Us
6. The Show, B.G., Bonka and K-Gates-Mo Money
7. Scarface, B.G., K-Gates-Rated GGG
8. B.G., K-Gates and Bonka-Show Em
9. B.G. and K-Gates-Shut Up
10. K-Gates-Not Myself
11. B.G. and K-Gates-Give it 2 Em
12. K-Gates-Superstars
13. B.G., K-Gates and Bonka-Gator Baby
14. The Show, K-Gates and Bonka-Rowing Da Boat to Mexico
15. K-Gates and 5 Star-U and Me
16. K-Gates and Zella-X-Cuse Me
17. B.G., K-Gates and Bonka-Chopper City on Fire
18. Richard Pryor Interlude
19. K-Gates-Dumb it Down
20. 80's Babies Exit off The Block

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is dis shit tight or wat?

is dis shit tight or wat?

7 outta 10

just cuz BG is on it and #5 & 11 kilt that shit

Ohh Snap!

yo that nigga in the back.......lookin like a fuckin osama nigga man i just seen that shit!!!booooyyyyyy thats a ugly ass nigga fa real

osama? looks like freeway if

osama? looks like freeway if anything
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WOW.. Nice..

Looks like something worth listening to.

Dale Harmon