DJ J-Ronin & DJ Ace - All Elements Vol. 6 (Hosted By Jaz-O)

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01 00:37 DJ Ace & DJ J-Ronin - Intro
02 01:10 Jaz-O - Intro/freestyle
03 03:57 Sean Price - Crazy
04 02:12 Agallah Ft. St. Laz - Way Of The Gun
05 04:23 Smif N Wessun - Like A Champion
06 03:04 Nas Ft. Blitz - Hush
07 03:33 The Jacka Ft. Da Evangillest, And Rapscal -
08 02:07 Jaz-O - Who's The MC
09 02:03 O.C. Ft. Sadat X - Yes Sir
10 01:46 Sav Killz - Catchin Wreck
11 04:25 Silent Knight Ft. Sean Price, Pumpkinhead, Outbrst
- Speakin' My Mind (Remix)
12 02:31 Killah Sha - Deep Thoughts
13 03:44 Saigon - Dreamz
14 03:22 Nina B, Famoso And Sav Killz - Nowhere To Run
15 01:14 Migz - Forest Freestyle
16 01:08 Jaz-O - Moment Of Violence
17 02:56 NBS - Push
18 01:16 Akir - The Funk Died
19 02:20 Aasim - Hip-Hop 101
20 01:04 Jaz-O - Black Republican Freestyle
21 02:33 Royal Flush - It's That Street Life
22 03:05 Jay-Z Ft. The Ranjahz - Bullet Proof
23 01:51 Hakim Of Channel Live - Drop A Jewel Freestyle
24 03:30 EPMD Ft. Keith Murray - Main Event
25 01:54 Jaz-O - Show Me What You Got Freestyle
26 01:38 Kiki Breevlife - Build And Destroy
27 02:33 Jaysuan Ft. Edo G - Snake Decapitation
28 03:29 Shabaam Sahdeeq Ft. Casual, UG From Cella Dwellas
And Sean Price - Connect 4 29 02:10 Smif N Wessun - Freestyle
30 03:20 Memphis Bleek - Grip
31 02:31 Kenyattah Black Ft. 88 Keyz - Hardbody
32 01:24 Jaz-O - Outro

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dis dat nigga right here...

jaz da real jay n dats dat! witout jaz there neva ever woulda been a jay soo all u jay fans owe ur life to dis man right here!

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moohahahaha- here you go

moohahahaha- here you go again. Everybody in the rap game has someone to thank why can't people give jigga just a lil props he had to have a little talent like he's a puppet you can't be at the level in his carrer that he is and not have somethin to do with it. why is jaz that real deal what are you basing this on the fact he's 40 something and still an underground type dude. Just cause someone makes some change in this game people wanna get to undergound for they own good. I'm gonna say this once and for all jay-z is were he is because of himself. Not dame not jaz no one they def. helped but jay is a rare talent. a man of all trades.

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cows go moo hefer

jay was a lil video dancer n jaz took him in n taught him howto rap. everyone is inspired by some1 n gives dem credit but jaz taught jay n let jay take his style den jay gives no credit 2 jaz n jay didnt want jaz in da roc cuz jay knew he wouldnt b nebody if dey knew dat jaz is da originater. jay was tryin 2 get signed 4 7 years n couldnt cuz no1 wanted him til dame did everything 4 jay. jay has no rappin talent. jay got all his rappin talent from jaz n all his business talent from dame n dats da truth. jay did nothin on his own.i guan-fukin-tee anybody dat if not 4 especially jaz n also 4 dame jay never woulda been anything in life..he still woulda been slangin rocks n at da most woulda been a posterboy 4 camel cigz.

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yeah yeah you can dicredit

yeah yeah you can dicredit him but he is were he is cause of him. until you realize that the rap game is a hustle you will still have your opion. Guys like jaz can say forever i could have been this could have done this but jay did it. some rappers do it for fun some do it for hood credit and some do it for money. i dont care if he is promotin kleenex thats him. we can sit back and enjoy the negativity of rap and say drinkin 40's is cool and smoking blunts and totein a gun is cool, but some people progress doesnt mean he didnt do what he did. jay wants the billions. if a doctor from the hood is the top in his proffesion does good every one says wow but when a rapper doesnt talk about corner stores and shit people think hes a seell out this is his carreer wheteher an intern or the boss hes tryin to do good and people fault him for that gaur- an -tee when jim jones does positive shit with this hustle guys like you will call him a sell out

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i know da game a hustle n guys like jay 50 n diddy made da most money outta ne rapper even if dey got there doin bitch moves n stabbin niggas in da back. dats y alot of rappers respect dem (well not soo much 50) cuz everybody wanna be as rich as dem. so dey can get all da credit 4 hustlin cuz dey da best hustlers in da music industry but dey dont deserve 2 b called real or good mcs cuz dey aint. y u talkin bout jimmy da only album i really like of his is on my way to church n sum of da shit he does wit max b cuz dats da kinda shit u listen 2 when u smoke a b n relax. da only singin in rap i tolerate is max b cuz dude got talent n it sounds good. n i neva said jimmy some sorta great rapper either so i dunno wat u talkin bout. but every1 in dipset has original styles so its always sumthin good 2 listen 2.

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but see thats what im talikn

but see thats what im talikn about i hear a bunch of dudes talkin when im smokin that shit is hot im talkin bout raps i can listen to on any occasion any thing you listen to high is gonna be better "you ever see a twenty dollar bill on weed man"- half baked. but im talkin bout music i can listen to stressed high drunk sober thats music if a billion aire made an ablbum i can bob my head to who gives a fuck cause everything these rappers talk about is made up anyway its all fake a big act as much as they try to confuse youngsters

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not all of dem

most of da rappers bullshit but not all. u cant know if a rapper is bullshittin or tellin da truth unless u know him personally or he's on record. like every1 knows saigons real n papoose is lyrical n he has good messages in most of his trax n da realist rapper is/was/always will be 2pac. da only rapper dat rapped bout everything like struggles in ghettos n life n women n violence n everything else. he didnt give a fuk either n whenever he spoke in interviews n documentaries it was da realist shit u ever heard. he jus constantly spoke knowledge n what he said he did like beat niggas' ass 4 talkin shit pac rapped bout smokin soo much weed n in all his documentaries he's rollin n smokin blunts constantly. dats y pac is def da best ever cuz it was real comin from him n 100percent original...there might b rappers dat put words better but most of it is nonsense n fake. me against the world will 4ever b da realist rap album. every1 can relate 2 pacz lyrics n even da niggas pac dissed r still on his dick like jay nas n diddy.

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i respect that but big is to

i respect that but big is to me. i think lyrically big and pac were on the same level. But pac did relate more to black people. And i aint black. so i didnt really feel him all the time. he did good talkin bout his topics but i aint relate to him like that. i know he is one of the best ever cause of how the world embraced him and his music. i liked alot of his songs but i can honestly say i liked every big song, freestyle, video, ever. it didnt matter your color any one can relate to big. wheter you a hustler, fat man or woman ugly, poor, he covered it all anyone can get somethin from him. he was never questionable either, was he was real or not he made stick em up music and club bangers. and was never discredited for any of it.

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naw manne

how can every1 relate 2 big when all his lyrics were either bout crack hoes or violence. big can put words together really good but it jus sounds really good pac was a poetic teacher. n most of pacs fans r prob white like i know white people dat listen 2 dey alternative n heavy metal n da only rapper dey like is pac. like his early shit was mainly 4 blacks but me against the world and up was 4 every1. but i aint hatin i know big was great but i jus had 2 agrue my point. 2 me all of pacs trax had meaning n were deep dey made u feel good n he still ripped da mic. but dats enuff bout dat dey both gone n dey music still on top n pac always comin wit new albums each year fuck man if pac was round hed b da richest in da game. even now a pac movie commin out dat he wrote he jus did so much in dose 6 years of his life like write hundreds of songs, 7 movies, write a movie, shoot cops, jail, get shot twice n he has shit load of documentaries etc. no offense 2 big but it doesnt seem dat any1 cared bout him cuz there arent any documentaries bout him dat i know of besides BIGGIE & PAC n pac has his own huge memorial center n huge statues of him n big has nothin. bigs greatest hits cd jus came out n pacs came out like right after he died n bigz is only 1 cd wit almost half of it wit fake songs dat came out after he died so dey really aint bigz greatest hits.

CC You said it best when you

You said it best when you said Pac was a poet...

B/C you feel everything he says, white or black... but he didn't have a consistent flow, didn't always catch the beat, and had little to no wordplay.

I give Pac all praises but for those reasons I feel he isn't the best rapper... still love him.

I also don't feel you can compare Pac to anyone else b/c he was so "real" he was a poet... Just like Emeinem can't be compared to anyone b/c he is so abstract.

Just an opinion

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naw your rite dank i know

naw your rite dank i know people like that to that wont listen to any rap but pac. i wasnt tryin to say pacs music is only for blacks i just feel it was heavily aimed towards blacks. regardles though it doesnt matter music is music a black man can just as easily get something from a country record. race doesnt matter. a rapper might have meant one thing but someone perceives it as somethin else but i couldnt help to sometimes feel completely excluded from his songs. if an irish rapper started makin celtic rap music talkin about irish shit you'd probably respect it if he was real hot but you may not feel him quite as much. Thats were im at with pac.

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yo u read pacs poetry inside

yo u read pacs poetry book inside a thugs heart some pretty deep shit in that

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damn good mixtape.... Nothin

damn good mixtape.... Nothin but underground classics!!
silent knight once again showin skillz, the nigga gon def leave his mark!
every time i hear somethin from him is betta!
Wash. Heights got love for knight! Real recognize real!
Son holla at byrdgangs safehouse when u come uphere...

killa sha - same thing - nigga is dope

boot camp still in the buildin! Smif and price we got respectt for ya

damn new york's in good hands!