Audio Push - The Backstage Pass (Hosted by DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar)

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Interscope recording artists Audio Push, a duo out of Southern California team up with DJ ill Will & DJ Rockstar to drop their Official new Mixtape "The Backstage Pass" including all original production from the likes of Drumma Boy, Dem Jointz, Hit-Boy, Chase N' Cash and of course themselves. "The Backstage Pass" also includes features from Tyga, Rich Boy, YG, Problem, Latiff & Jazzy.

1. Intro ( Pricetag & ReyReel)
2. B.O.W (Prod. by Reyreel)
3. I'm Not Crazy ( Pricetag)
4. For Real feat Jazzy ( Hit-Boy)
5. Drop it for Me feat YG & Hit-Boy (Prod. By Hit-Boy)
6. Act Out (Prod.By Pricetag)
7. Dream Me There feat Latiff ( Gry)
8. Money in The Air feat Problem (Prod. by Dem Jointz)
9. Whats Hatnin ( Coop)
10. Get to Shakin feat Tyga ( Drummaboy)
11. Envy ( Rico Beats)
12. TTYL( Chase N. Cashe)
13. Paper'd Up feat Rich Boy ( Drummaboy)
14. She Doin it ( Hit-Boy)
15. Let Him Go ( Drummaboy)
16. Bookshelf
17. Aly and Aaliyah ( Hit-Boy)

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Never heard of this

Never heard of this guy...I'll give it a listen to...He don't have a good featured guest on here but whatever...Maybe they don't need it...
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Ill pass cause it has that

Ill pass cause it has that fag swag to it....dont get down with men being gay or acting gay in ANY way possible. "Always Keep That Good"


For a second I thought you were one. Just being honest. " - Money,Pimpin and Politics"
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nothing special. Sounds like

nothing special. Sounds like all them other yungin skinny jean rappers out there. 5/10 music sounded recycled and seems like they chose to recycle soulja boy, travis porter, rosco dash's lyrics.

WTF is Dude wearing?

Now, I know this is supposed to be a "comment" or review or some shit but I didin't bother to listen. I jus had to comment on dudes shirt. It's the whackest shit I've ever seen. A Chuck Taylor Hoody? What would posses a nigga to wear some goofy shit like that and think it's fly? LMMFAO, fuck'outta here. LOL! " - Money,Pimpin and Politics"
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dudes new cd jamming so much

dudes new cd jamming so much i had to go back and get they old shit