Loyalty Boys - The Reign (Hosted By DJ ill Will)

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Phocused Records trio the "Loyalty Boys" out of Delaware County, Pennsylvania team up with DJ ill Will to drop their official new Mixtape that includes ALL original production from the likes of Jahlil Beats, PC Beats, Quiksand & L.D.B.

01. Run This We Run That (Prod By Jahlil Beats)
02. What Cha Rep (Prod By Pc Beats)
03. I Be Fresh (Prod By Jahlil Beats)
04. So Many Girls (Prod By L.D.B)
05. Swag On Swole (Prod By Jahlil Beats)
06. Dream On (Prod By L.D.B)
07. Break It Down (Prod By L.D.B)
08. Mean Connect (Prod By Quiksand)
09. By Anymeans (Prod By Jahlil Beats)
10. Somethin Between Us (Prod By L.D.B)
11. Hip-Hop (Prod By Quiksand)
12. How It Feel (Prod By Jahlil Beats)
13. Big Bank (Prod By Quiksand)
14. Money I Be Gettin (Prod By L.D.B)

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