Big Mike - Grand Theft Audio

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Track 3 & 4 are missing from this mixtape

1.lil wayne- I run this shit
2.jadakiss-now and then(full song)
3.jadakiss&ci-where I'm going
4.jadakiss,styles p&sheek louch-thats my
5.styles p-slow dough
6.styles p-make em move back
7.sheek louch-silverback
8.jay z-blow th whistle
9.the game-cop killer(sean bell verdict response)
10.nikki minja-the baddest bitch
11.max b-domain pain
12.jim jones-5 boroughs
13.t.I-king is back
14.young jeezy-lollipop
15.rick ross feat yo gotti-we gettin money
16.whyteout-rite where u stand
17.mariah carey feat juelz santana-touch my body(remix)
18.mariah carey feat jayz-bye bye(remix)
19.usher feat beyonce&lil wayne-up in this club(remix)
20.tony moxberg-underdogs on top
21.remo da rapstar-fame
22.rawdoggz-hiphop mags
24.young chris feat beanie sigel-i aint
25.lil wayne-freestyle

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Didn't DJ Clue have a "Grand Theft Audio" mixtape back in '01 when GTA 3 was poppin and it had the Grand Theft Audio track wit Fab, Joe Budden, and Paul Cain?
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you was almost right

you was almost right but it was actually The Desert Storm Mixtape: Blok Party Vol. 1 by Dj Envy and yes that track is fire with Joe, Fab & Paul Cain :D

cheaaaa gta all da way

word up hopefully dis mixtapes worthy.. my boys posted up on kill half the music artists being put up here nowadays

Yes your right.

Ya DJ Clue put out Grand Theft Audio - Desert Storm Mixtape Volume 2, I Remember cause there was an awesome track lox put on there "you can get touched".

Clue had grand theft audio 1

Clue had grand theft audio 1 2 and 3 i think, i remember that dmx remix where da hood at with sp, first shit he did fresh out of valhalla, old jail/youth division stand up, that shit came out on part 2 i think, which came out the same day as clues old hot97 mixshow monday night mixtape premiered the rmx.... i remember that shit was super gutter... gunhill stand up, e233 stand up... mixtapes do not do justice now a days, support your favorite djs and cop the official, this sites alright for the fugazies out there putting 900 mixtapes a year out, but for the official big mike, clue, kayslay, gl, jlove and all these other official ny niggas keeping hiphop (not ringtone RAP) vital in everyday life, feed these niggas yo, its their life 100

Whoo Kid mixtape

Whoo Kid had a mixtape for GTA back in the day...I have it. It had Jay Z's People Talking as the last track...a banger.

Least Mike Could've Done...

...was to make it NY only. Don't call it 'NY' and put Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, The Game on it.

its just a title nigga its

its just a title nigga its not even enough NY niggaz hot right now to fill up a new current mixtape and since dat new game is in NY he just trying to relate far as da mixtape its so so i personal think big mike waited too long to make dis shit

da shit was still called

da shit was still called grand theft audio regardless title stolen pussy ass djs put whatever every other dj gets but mike do be getting them d-block shits but dat bout it

We gettin' money !

We gettin' money !

This Is Horrible Not 1 Track

This Is Horrible Not 1 Track Worth Listening To More Than Once NY Comes With Nothin But Shit Fuck NY

Nah Fuck You

Nah Fuck You

NY stand up! Without NY,

NY stand up! Without NY, where would half you muthafukkas be? Remember who's the greatest, Biggie, Jay-Z, or Nas? Where they from?

i hate lil wayne

i hate lil wayne


JADA! wrote:
i hate lil wayne
Best comment ever. Well said. He sucks, i'm glad he's successful and what not. But God the ppl who like little wayne should just disapear and then little wayne should disappear and then rap would be perfect. His fans bother me more than his gay ass. His fans are all girls and gay men. They don't like any other rapper except lil wayne. BY THE WAY I DOWNLOADED THIS MIXTAPE AND THE TRACKLIST IS ALL FUCKED UP. THE ARTIST'S WERE RIGHT BUT MANY SONGS WERE WRONG 75% ARE WRONG SONGS. i hate to complain about free stuff but...