Tapemasters Inc & The Lox: Living Off Experience

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01. Styles P. Feat. Sheek Louch And Jadakiss - I Don't Give A Fuck 04:36
02. Jadakiss Feat. Sheek Louch And Styles P. - Back By Popular Demand 03:19
03. Styles P. Feat. Jadakiss And Sheek Louch - You Ain't Got Noboby 03:32
04. Styles P. Feat. Jadakiss And Sheek Louch - Feel It In The Air 03:23
05. Sheek Louch Feat. Jadakiss And Styles P. - Kiss Ya Ass Goodbye 03:55
06. Styles P. Feat. Sheek Louch And Jadakiss - Who Want A Problem 02:58
07. Jadakiss Feat. Styles P. - Hate It Or Love It (Mick Boogie Remix) 01:46
08. Jadakiss Feat. Styles P. And Sheek Louch - Touch The Sky 00:46
09. Sheek Louch Feat. J Hood Andstyles P. - Take Everything (Prod. By 03:52
10. Jadakiss Feat. Styles P. - It's Personal 02:37
11. Styles P. Feat. Sheek Louch - 914 03:20
12. Sheek Louch Feat. Jadakiss - Pain Remix (Prod. By Phoenix) 03:20
13. Styles P. Feat. Jadakiss - How We Live 03:41
14. Styles P. Feat. Sheek Louch - Return Of The Ghost 02:13
15. Jadakiss - Problem 00:57
16. Styles P. - The Old To The New 01:18
17. Sheek Louch Feat. Jadakiss And Styles P - Hands Up (Prod. By Bass 03:05
18. Jadakiss - I Am 00:57
19. Jadakiss Feat. Swizz Beatz - Rollin Up 02:48
20. Styles P. Feat.J Hood - Pearly Gates 02:30
21. Sheek Louch Feat. J Hood - Hood Love 02:22
22. Styles P. Feat. J Hood - What Police Can Do 03:30
23. Styles P. Feat. Jadakiss - Shots Fired 04:05
24. Sheek Louch - Hear 'em Talkin 02:07
25. Sheek Louch - That's That 01:11
26. Jadakiss - Poppin And Lockin 01:11
27. Jadakiss Feat. Styles P - One Blood 00:47
28. Jadakiss Feat. Styles P. - Push It 01:10
29. Styles P. - The Black Out 01:30
30. Jadakiss - Where It Started At 01:27

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Danimal101's picture


chyea this looks dope, dblock!

ondblocK01's picture

dblockk heaaa wutss poppinn

dblockk heaaa wutss poppinn hardest ni66asz outtttt

gmoney29's picture

Boo Boo!

D-Block sux! I'm tired of the lox putn out mixtapes talkin bout how hard they are. They ain't hard they just mad they don't get no love cuz of their shiny suit days. Yeah I said it whoever likes d block needs to be reminded that they used to wear shiny suits and dance with P. Diddy.

Shaolin1st's picture

Let me guess

Your A G-UNOT Fan


Shaolin1st wrote:
Your A G-UNOT Fan

hes gotta be! sayin the lox suk. u stupid fuck. i suppose gay unit puttin out real g music? and they still in the hood. hahahahahahahaha

gmoney29's picture

Fuck U

G Unit sux 2! Don't get mad cuz ur boys used to wear shiny suits and dance wit diddy. I'm just statin the facts! Now they mad at the world cuz nobody buys their albums. AHHA!

hotChoklat's picture

another idiot finds mixtapetorrent.com

so what if they used to wear shiny suits? you name any fuckin rapper and they prolly gona have some gay shit in their past: still dont change the fact that the lox are some of the best in the game.
And shit, they aint mad at the world cos their album sales aint as high as sellouts like fifty, they mad at the world cos there are still dumb motherfuckers, like you, listening to hip hop, ruining the music cos you judge your rappers based on what they wear.
get the fuck outta here

you my man that said d-block

you my man that said d-block sux is a homo. muthafucka probably live in idaho or some fuckin where. this shit is real rap, (you know, real 16 bar of lyrics, not that cotton candy bullshit that they play on your local radio station. Holla at me, illadelpha, jers, queens.

Hold up....

These is the only motherfuckers the late great Notorious one claimed. Shiney suits and dropping Money, Power, Respect and Flow and Last Days and you'll see around the same time.

when i keep trying to

when i keep trying to download this it keeps saying tracker response error: torrent not registered with this tracker. what am i suppose to do?

Suppa_duppa_fly's picture

rest in peace East Coast!!

rest in peace east coast the south is takin ova bitches..


Albanian's picture

lol East Coast will never

lol East Coast will never die, East Coast is hip hop

Hip hop is not dead it leaves on D-BLOCK




jimmyvanis's picture

southern jokes.....

Listen to this clown frontin like the south's gonna take ova!! Bitch then why r u keep downloadin mixtapes like Dipset and Lox, if ya niggas takin ova!!
Get the fuck outta here

We all can see how's south takin ova:
you posted more comments to dem dipset and Lox mixtapes than to dem Down South Slangin mixtapes... Whats the deal!!!

Whos you're most lyrical rapper round there, Jeezy or Scrappy?
You a funny nigga..

don't get it twisted

Big Pun is the greatest rapper

jimmyvanis's picture

and what the hell pun has to

and what the hell pun has to do with this?

ondblocK01's picture

lmao r u serious ? bringing

lmao r u serious ? bringing up big pun on a lox mixtape? damn heaaa

Suppa_duppa_fly's picture

check out BET dumb bitch

check out B.E.T and let me know how many NY homo's they playing and how many trap stars a.k. dirty south music they playin you ll know what i'm sayin chump ...... finish that wanna be gangsta shit ..... NY rap is dead R.I.P

it's southern take ova bitches fuck that NY SHIT tryina be gangsta and shit..http://www.freewebs.com/jodaking/

=dumb bitch

your judging what the best rap is based on BET? Are you fucking stupid? Yea bitches like Young Joc and shit are the fucking best in the game.

Fuck out of here chump.

Suppa_duppa_fly's picture

yup das what's up chump

we'll get all your NY niggaz out of business baby..
naught said...... cuz it is what it is u dig.... nah fuck that nawha mean?

it's southern take ova bitches fuck that NY tryina be gangsta and shit..http://www.freewebs.com/jodaking/

hotChoklat's picture

shut up

the south is stuck on stupid fightin between each other like dumbass monkeys - even pimp c said that shit in 'knockin doors down' and u fuckin clown dont diss the NY - where do ya think the south got half of their ideas? NY brothers was 'trappin' and makin they own hustle while "y'all" in the south were still jumpin round pickin a pail of cotton.
The south raps so much about rims im suprised yall aint become tyres.
Shit i love the south, but you got me hating on what they do just cos you actin like as if the south wants to take over the whole game when its only you behind your screen wishing they would. Shut the fuck up


Suppa_duppa_fly wrote:
we'll get all your NY niggaz out of business baby..
naught said...... cuz it is what it is u dig.... nah fuck that nawha mean?

it's southern take ova bitches fuck that NY tryina be gangsta and shit..http://www.freewebs.com/jodaking/

you've been quite the dumb bitch lately, havn't you?

I listen to rap from anywhere, no dumb ass loyalties but stop being a fucking punk. The south has a FEW good rappers (Z-Ro, Trae, UGK, MJG, 8Ball, Scarface, etc.) but most of them get little to no recognition. Any of the bitches you're claiming that are "hot" are fucking flavor of the month radio bitches.

jimmyvanis's picture

ya dig?????

Supa Duppa Nigga stop this shot before you be somethin like Danimal the chinise dude that everybody laughs with his ass each time he posts shit...
At least nigga he leaves in China, he is excused..
But you homie with the shit you say cmon.
You not from the streets we can easily feagure this shit out..
Ya all cant touch NY homies, we are the illest. Shall i start:
From Biggie, KRS, Wu Tang, Puffy, Gangstar, Lox, Nas, Jay-z, Beanie Sigel, Cormega, Mobb Deep, AZ, Talib Kweli,Dmx, Masta Ace, Fat Joey, 50 to the new breed and the future of Hip Hop Dipset, Papoose, J-Hood, Ali Vegas(all timer - time to blow), Saigon, Ransom, Cory Gunz, Tru Life(and dont start buggin ya all..) and a lotta other dudes comin up!!!

Nigguh.... get serious even if South joins West it would still make no difference.
Nigga i'm askin you again who you gonna bring Besides Jeezy, Flip? Scrappy?or Joc?or Buck?or lil John?
Man here in the apple we got rappers by different area codes and hoods? Fill me? We got Harlem rappers, QB's, Brooklyn, Boogie Down Bronx, Mount Vernon etc..
You are all 'bout the whole south, i dont even know who you call southern rapper!!

Nigga go listen to "Welcome to new York City" to get some info..
We're the home of 9-11, the place of the lost towers,
we still bangin' we neva lost powers!!!
Ya dig?
Now Supa Dupa Nigga, DIG A HOLE and burry ya self! RIP





Ohhhh my God, how the hell you guys claim to love hip hop so much, downloadin these amazin mixtapes. Y'all done know most of y'all downloaded and loved almost every DJ Drama & Cannon mixtapes, n you guys haven't been wonderin why hasn't any new Drama tapes come out in a sec? Well, I guuess I'm the one to break the news for y'all, DJ Drama and Don Cannon are now in jail, and have bben since the 17th (10 days ago). For what? For what the US government calls 'bootlegging'. The funny thing is record company's have been usin there services to help promote there mc's, n this is how they get payed back for all the hard work they've been doin, this situation is terrible, I just can't beleive it.

jimmyvanis's picture

Ohhhhhhhh My God, here is

Ohhhhhhhh My God, here is the only guy on planet earth that knows that Drama and Cannon are in Jail! Nice to have guys like you BPeezy on mixtapetorrent givin us such a secret info!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dude the whole America knows this shit and you think you're some!!!

And what the hell r u tryin to say....
That you love hip hop more than we do and we dont give a fuck!!

For this whole fucked up situation it's their own fault + mixunit's cause tryed to make money by sellin them. Clown mixtapes are for promo only, that means that they shouldn't be for sale!!! Ya dig?
But i bet you already know that!!!!

Fuck outta here..

True, true...

You do bring up good points, my bad. I just wrote that cause I'm so f**kin pissed off they in jail. That whole situation is SOOOOO BULLS**T!

JohnnyStorm's picture

It is what it is

I just dont see why everyone gotta hate. I like who i like, and i dont make a big deal about who's on top everyone get their time to shine. You cant be No. 1 4eva. There will always be a nigga that will spit some shit that will make you open your eyes. Then there re those who front so there is sum1 4every 1.

Shaolin1st's picture



jimmyvanis's picture

what ya want?

If you 2 stupid mothafuckas dont want to participate in the forum you dont have too. Nobody asked you anyway!
Ya dig?
I'm sure you 2, are friends of the other Muslim Reverend that made spitch back at Dipset mixtape...

Go preach on another forum!!!

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