Big UU - Trillmatic Vol. 1: I'm Serious


1. Opening Credits
2. Get Down Or Lay Down Time! (DJ Drama Speaks)
3. Submit Yo Application
4. Scantron
5. Bald Eagle(Kill Town Get Money)
6. Barnes & Noble
7. Fever
8. Midnight Roller by Holliwood Nailz
9. Wine & Dine
10. Fly Swatter
11. Kid-n-Play Shit
12. Lean Cuisine
13. 6'8 feat Lac Martin
14. Sylar
15. 2 More Beans
16. Empire(Dubz Up)
17. Oprah's Thighs feat Holliwood Nailz
18. Balla Tawk
19. Say Ya Trill
20. Willie The Kid Speaks/Extra Keys
21. SupaVillain by Holliwood Nailz feat Top
22. Till I Die by Holliwood Nailz
23. Ajax feat Holliwood Nailz & Lac Martin
24. Cadillac Martin Megaphone feat Lac Martin
25. Willie The Kid Speaks/Hustlin'

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The shit was boring to

The shit was boring to me. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

cover caught my eye; i'll

cover caught my eye; i'll give this a listen. Hopefully they put as much effort into the music as they did with the cover
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yea tha cover caught my eye

yea tha cover caught my eye but ima take thatstheshit word on dis 1

2 hosts and 2 co-hosts?

2 hosts and 2 co-hosts? Really?
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DJ Drama, Dj Cannon, DJ Grip, Da kid

I wont even waste my time, i bet this was one of the most nosiest irritating most fucked up mixtapes to ever be put together..
by nobody returning to report back on this i'll take that as my answer to the quality of this shit.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, NOLA to the front of the line *
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gave a listen

man i gave this a try, and i gotta say this some bad a garbage way this guy is from texas and if he dont get any help from the heavy hitters, he will be the gucci of texas...i think the cover cost more than his studio time and lyrics, not one track was good on here bin it quick... -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE-

Keep Tx. Out ya mouth

Hatin ass niggas suck a dick until ya hiccup TRILLMATIC... I got ya TX. Gucci right here ya bitch u .... Hate is love u bitch niggas
thatsthatshit's picture

Faget, didnt anybody hate on

Faget, didnt anybody hate on texas, just this sorry ass mixtape. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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this fag

nigga shut yo fag ass up fuckn looser what the fuck you want to say, that this nigga go HAM...haha bitch just make you a poster out of the cover and trash the music, fuckn yellow bus rider with tint on the gotta be this clown ass niggas lil brother or baby momma so pack up yo new fresh account and take that shit to a nigga who cares.... -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE-
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Im a born & raised Texan and i say this shit is a damn shame! makes Texas look bad real talk!!
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Best way to put it

"Take that monkey shit off you embarrassing us" -Pimp C
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Yeah i gotta say the artwork

Yeah i gotta say the artwork looks nice But imma have to go with yall on this one and past on this
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I just wondering how dis dude get so many comments on a mixtape in a matter of days verses all these other people... ima take a listen Im kinda new to dis comment shit
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nice artwork

the artwork caught my eye too. i'll give it a listen. its funny how half of yall came on here, just to say that ur not gonna listen to it. shows how much of a hater u really are.
3rdBornTxRaised's picture

shit wuz str8

i listen to it in depth and i think it wuz a cool tape. 7/10. he dont sound like the average texas rapper and he dont got that htown flow but he be spittin. i like dat *balla tawk* track.
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on the cova look like he prison rappin dat dude while he spit on the mic.. Nice cova art tho

Say im from the K. This

Say im from the K. This nicca holdin it down for the K. He got some flow he aint your average Texas rapper. Shit wait till he drops Trillmatic vol 2 in a couple days. Shit man he hotter than Spark Dawg, Green City and any other rapper frow K-town. Shit BIGG UU DUBS UP MY NIG................................. FUCK DEM HATERS THEY JUST MAD CAUSE YOU HAVE ALBUMS AND THEY JUST GOT COMMENTS............