Biggy Jiggy Mixtapes - Exclusive Tunes 89

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01 Lil Wayne - We Be Steady Mobbin (Feat. Gucci Mane)
02 Styles P - You Heard Of Us (Feat. Sheek Louch, Ray J)
03 Lil Wayne - Let's Chill (Feat. Lil Twist, Mack Maine)
04 Jadakiss - Whos Real (Remix) (Feat. Swizz Beatz, Eve, Drag-On, Styles P,
Sheek Louch, DMX)
05 Tyga - Slow It Down
06 T.I. - Live My Life Alone
07 Rick Ross - Magnificent (Remix) (Feat. Big Boi, Special Ed)
08 Gudda Gudda - Jiggle Box (Feat. Essay Potna)
09 Camron - Labumba (Feat. DJ Drama, Vado)
10 Bali - Get Em Gone (Feat. G-Boi)
11 Lil Wayne - Always Strapped (Remix) (Feat. Freeway, Birdman)
12 Red Cafe - American Hustla Idol
13 T.I. - The Way That You Want It (Remix) (Feat. Red Cafe)
14 Nick Hardt - Wash It All Away
15 Glasses Malone - California (Feat. Taje, Balance, Chevy Jones)
16 Tyga - Dad's Letter
17 Avery Storm - D.O.A. Freestyle
18 Gucci Mane - Gucci's Bitch
19 Freeway - For The Money
20 Cassidy - Mechanic (Feat. Sammie)
21 Yung LA - Everything White (Feat. Young Dro)
22 Tyga - Every Girl Freestyle (Feat. Lil Wayne)
23 OJ Da Juiceman - Car Talk
24 Pharrell - Im Good (Feat. Clipse)
25 Slim Thug - Let's Talk Money (Remix) (Feat. Lil Wayne, T-Pain)
26 Stack Bundles - Salute Me
27 Maino - Don't Be Scared
28 Ja Rule - Hollywood
29 Tyga - How Would You Like
30 Cory Gunz - Like U Don't Know
31 Stack Bundles - I'm Good Freestyle
32 Trey Songz - Always Twisted
33 Jay Rock - Don't Front (Feat. Hot Rod)
34 Freeway - Hahahaha
35 Stack Bundles - Listen
36 Ne-Yo - I Got You
37 Lloyd - Night And Day
38 John Legend - Believe Me (Feat. Mega Man)
39 Ne-Yo - There With You
40 Drake - Houston, Atlanta, Vegas (Snippet)

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This tape seems kinda weak. White Owl got him in the pocket this week.
eckoblue777's picture


are you dj whiteowl or something?

Cory Gunz

Keep it comin wit dat Cory Shit, he still doin his thing but bj needs to start hittin up some Meek Millz
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BJ is here to save the weekend with new tracks! damn bj you always cut it close, atleast you dropped on saturday this week instead of sunday like last week. BJ save us from fake ass djs like whiteowl, fuck man drama losing it making tapes with soulja boy
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THATS WHATS UP!!! nice mix!

save the weekend yes sir 88

save the weekend yes sir 88 was starting to get a lil played out in my car now i got the new beats to ride with tonight

drakes song number 40 was on

drakes song number 40 was on so far gone and that came out 5 months ago
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Are You fuckt in ya head or something, evryone can hear that this the remix.. can't you hear the bitch sing??.. biggy would neva put a 5 months old track on his tape dickhead Hola at your Mixtapes, Underground Rap 4 Life. Pease Out: JJ Cool
KOintheHaven's picture

The houstlantavegas song was

The houstlantavegas song was out before so far gone, so its mos def more than 5 months old. But this version isnt the same one as that.

In reality thats someones

In reality thats someones cock Wayne is stroking, they just photoshopped it...Faggg!

what r u like 12 get off

what r u like 12 get off this site lil boy

What you talkin bout?

J-Dilla420 wrote:
what r u like 12 get off this site lil boy
That nigga funny mane. Just look at the pic of wayne and that budd. It look just like that nigga strokin cock. LMAO. Keep it one hunit!

old and pussy shit

wtf bj rockin old shit that been out for a minute just to put a tape out quick? i used to download all bj's shit now i gotta check the playlists for pussy shit and shit that been out. white owl runnin it right now
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gay punks

THATS WHATS UP!!! yall lil gay punks that good for yall ass keep putN out old shit bj maybe them fags will go some where else and jack off.

I guess this dude gonna put

I guess this dude gonna put the most wack songs from tyga's mixtape on here.. thats messed up on some real shit but yeah BJ made this tape dope for the other songs..

i fucks with this

honestly i only come on this site to see if theres new biggy jiggy tapes this DJ just keeps droping exclusives after exclusives maybe if im desperit ill get a white owl tape but thats only if i a aint finding biggy jiggy , neways keep droping these tapes guys fucking good stuff i wont stop D/L -One-

wow every single biggy jiggy

wow every single biggy jiggy tape was good until this one talk about whack shit
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That We steady Mobbin wit

That We steady Mobbin wit Weezy and Gucci go so hard