Biggy Jiggy Mixtapes - Exclusive Tunes 95

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01 Ya Boy - Did That Twice
02 Eminem - The Warning (Mariah Carey Diss)
03 Gucci Mane - That's Me (Feat. Freekey Zekey)
04 Rick Ross - Paid (Feat. Murph) [Off The Trill City Cartel Street Album]
05 Jay-Z - Run This Town (Feat. Kanye West, Rihanna)
06 Lil Wayne - Million Dollar Baby (Feat. Dj Drama) (Original Version)
07 Rick Ross - Go (Feat. Birdman, Triple C's) [Off The Trill City Cartel Street
08 Fat Joe - Aloha (Feat. Pleasure P, Rico Love)
09 Statik Selektah - Critically Acclaimed (Feat. Lil Fame, Saigon, Sean Price)
10 Rick Ross - Errday (Feat. Young Jeezy, Triple C's, J-Dub) [Off The Trill City
Cartel Street Album]
11 Plies - On Yac
12 Gucci Mane - C.R.E.A.M. (Feat. Curtains, Mac Breezy, Webbz)
13 Freekey Zekey - Bad Man (Feat. Sen City)
14 Fabolous - Out Of This Club (Feat. R. Kelly)
15 Gucci Mane - Pretty Girls (Feat. Wale)
16 Consequence - Closer (Feat. Paula Campbell, Statik Selektah)
17 Young Buck - I Might Go (Feat. E-40, Metro)
18 Lil Wayne - I'm So Fly (Remix) (Feat. Drop)
19 Bks703 - Go Hard
20 Gucci Mane - Overboard (Feat. Oj Da Juiceman, La The Darkman, Rock City)
21 Slim Thug - Piece And Chain Swangin (Feat. Dorrough)
22 Sean Paul - She Wanna Be Down
23 Bishop Lamont - Nothing Could Be Better (Feat. Sugar Free, Chevy Jones,
Bokey, Butch Cassidy)
24 Snoop Dogg - Swagger Rich (Feat. Warren G, Cass)
25 Dacument - 100 Slabs
26 Gucci Mane - Brand New (Feat. Waka Flocka, Frenchie)
27 Kevin Rudolf - Fading Away (Feat. Shaggy, Lil Jon)
28 Joe Budden - What It Be Like (Remix) (Feat. Royce Da 5'9, Sir Aah)
29 Kid Cudi - The Moon Man [Off The N.A.S.A. Music Street Album]
30 Ja Rule - Ladies
31 Snoop Dogg - Fuck Yeah
32 Soulja Boy - Patriotic
33 Jay Sean - Ride It (Remix) (Feat. Bks703)
34 Gucci Mane - Settin Standards (Feat. Kollosus)
35 Ne-Yo - All Over
36 The Dream - They Don't Know Me

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JayJayGemini's picture


same old same old

Hot New Music.

Same old, same old.
Yung Screw 817's picture

this nigga rushin to 100!

WTF u doin here gayjay you gon make whiteowl jelous then he wont let u suck his dick no more... Move it along ..................PATNA!
theswamp352's picture

Yungjew I mean Screw..

You always ridin on jayjay's dick,everywhere he goes you are right behind him holding onto his nut sack.We all know he is white and acts black do you really have to comment about him on every fucking HOMO.BIGGY JIGGY YOU BEEN WEAK THE LAST 2,THIS ISNT MUCH BETTER!"IM FROM THE SWAMP A LITTLE MUD ON MY NIKE AIRS"
JayJayGemini's picture


thanks for pointing that out cuz, but i been tryna tell this nigga-jack that for like 2 weeks now, this clown is stuck to my nuts hard as hell lol, been tryna swing him off but he's got a tight grip!!!
Yung Screw 817's picture


awww ya team up on me?? ya make a cute couple :)
GayTL_09's picture

everything is old

Not only old but lame.. .. Jot dis down as another Bad Drop by Biggie, this nigga is fallin apart, i use to rely on these mixtapes now it seems im ahead of him now.

02 Eminem - The Warning (WOW

02 Eminem - The Warning (WOW EM BODIED KICK & MARIAH) "Mariah, did it ever occur to you that I still have pictures? However you prefer to do and goes for you too, Nick, Faget u think im fuckin scared of u? You gonna ruin my career you better get one Like I'ma sit and fight with you over some slut bitch cuunt"
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Biggy Jiggy is my favourite hip-hop mixtapes seria. I love this, mane. The best tracks from here you an find on SPAM also. Peace Out! And FUCK EMINEM ! FUCK THIS FAGGOT ASS FEMALE BEEFIN BITCH !

ur lame

Igro wrote:
Biggy Jiggy is my favourite hip-hop mixtapes seria. I love this, mane. The best tracks from here you an find on BESTRAPSONGS.NET also. Peace Out! And FUCK EMINEM ! FUCK THIS FAGGOT ASS FEMALE BEEFIN BITCH !
first off yea he beefin wit 2 bitches nick and mariah and second em only tellin the truth mariah song was all lies and em tellin it how it realy went down u prob the same one that when that mariah track droped sayin ooo mariah killed him he a bitch he cant respond but when he does sum pepole still hate but ethier way u cant say the track isnt hot but i guess if u just a hater u find away to hate no mater wat casue u lame
Mr.Southwest's picture

Trill City Cartel Rick Ross?

Heart Of A Hustla$ I Hope Its A Good Mixtape.


this mixtape is good all biggy jiggy mixtapes are if you dont like them stay off the page dumb fucks
Milwaukee Bukk's picture

I rides with Biggy

I aint someone who d/ls evry single dj's m/t that drops so I can truly say that BJ hasn't let me down yet! If Ur lookin 4 an exclusive m/t with no dj drops that annoy tha fukk outta U, and a good mix of hip hop & new R&B, well then fukk wit him! W8n on that Trill City joint now!
who cares's picture

y da fuk u gonna wait on a

y da fuk u gonna wait on a mixtape made by a ex C.O.? Fuk dat man Ross a pig. Fuck da police!!!
ImBigYaDig's picture

word gotta ride wit this
Dani Boi's picture

Gonna D/L This BUT...

Mariah Carey diss? What next? 50 dissing Miley Cyrus?
JayJayGemini's picture

i hear ya

Eminem is my man but I gotta agree that was a little corny to be takin shots at a R&B diva and her cornball ass husband, he shouldnt even of went that route, i loss some respect for him cause of that, but then again he did take shots at Christina Aguerrla & Britney Spears back in the day, track is funny tho
Yung Screw 817's picture

Em dont want non...

Eminem a smart dude.. smart enuff not to fuck with real niggaz. shit they'll eat'em up like cheerios! so he goes after boy bands and bitches.. what are you gona do, thats a whiteboy 4ya.. whatever happen to the real slim shady?


thats a white boy 4 ya? because your black and talk like your english is on a 1st grade level u think your hard? come on white and was probably harder than you when i was still in diapers. so stop tryin to act like your flossin like some big name and stop being a bitch.
dninc's picture

I bump Em./// Not as much as i use too tho.

Dude makes me laugh, anybody that makes me laugh im cool with.. His first 3 Albums all had me crackin the fuck up, after that he got serious, while they was still good i didn't enjoy em as much.. Glad to see he tryin to get back to his roots, And he need to stay away from club booty music!! (He has alot of work to do to get my respect back after that shit.)[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
who cares's picture

all ya'll h8n Em cuz u aint

all ya'll h8n Em cuz u aint understand y he duz shit he duz. He dont do it 4 publicity like most rappers. A lot of rappers look 4 beef wit other rappers so dey can get publicity. Em dont give a fuk bout dat shit. If sum1 o sumthin pisses him off he'll go off on dem. He dont give a fuk who it is. Evry1 think he have 2 go @ sum hard ass rappa 4 him 2 b able 2 beef. Wen truth is he aint beefin wit Mariah he's prob havin da time of his life wen he is in da boof makin dis trak. He made Bagpipes From Baghdad, Mariah & Nick retaliated, so he gunna kill dem plane & simple


Em!? Com'on junky... this nigga craps on his moms, baby momma, and like 50, he's capp'n at folks with out cause. He's after bread with out real beef. Kids can bust on Mariah & Nick but trill niggas handle real business. I guess you just hypnotized cuz this nigga's white. To me, ain't shit trill about Em. Making cash cuz of his skin color. lol He needs lessons from Pual Wall. Garbage Pail ass Nigga "Sure."
who cares's picture

man jus stfu go listen 2

man jus stfu go listen 2 SSLP & MMLP & c how stupid u sound. Plus y da fuk did u jus compare Em wit Paul Wall? Paul Wall's a fruitcake who cant rap

31 Snoop Dogg - Fuck Yeah

31 is hard as hell
GayTL_09's picture


It's aiight
Yung Screw 817's picture

XghOstdontBleedXx's picture

Biggy jiGGy is a automatic

Biggy jiGGy is a automatic download...this one lacks though...seems like he in a hurry to get to the new series...i don't blame him...that eminem diss song is funny as hell...i hope he leaks some miraha Carey tit shots...she got some tig ol bittys

Give my man Wale his props

I'm not on Wale hard or nothin I'm jus mad that you got gucci ft. wale for pretty girls thats wale shit my dude... you gotta fix that... people not giving wale his props.... DC GOGO ALL DAY..... UCB big ups.... Wale big ups.... Pretty Girls big ups!!!!
Bole's picture

m make $$

fuck boys dont mind me!! m got that money he careless about a broke ass mixtape blogger kill that nick at nite ass nigga and his wife too get em m!!

Enuff Gucci Mane Already! Damn

I like biggy jiggy....don't get me wrong, but why the hell does he have to put on sooo much fucken gucci mane n lil' wayne!?.....does he have to put every fucken song they drop on da tapes or what?...most of its shit...seems like he's jus tryna hurry n fill up da biggy? do u listen to any of the shit b4 u put it on?
Dj Dealz's picture

somewhat ok

its iight Givin you what you want folo me