Biggy Jiggy Mixtapes - Exclusive Tunes S.G. 12

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01 Lil Wayne - Hustle (Feat. Gudda Gudda, Birdman)
02 Drake - When We Come Around (Feat. Nickelus F)
03 Lil Wayne - Drop It Low (Remix) (Feat. Chris Brown, Ester Dean)
04 Juelz Santana - Swimming In My Money (Feat. Smokey)
05 Lil Wayne - Real As They Come (Feat. Dre, Tity Boy)
06 Kanye West - Whatever You Want (Remix) (Feat. Kid Cudi, John Legend, Common,
Consequence, Big Sean)
07 Rick Ross - I Dare You (Feat. Lil Jon, Kevin Cossom)
08 Birdman - 4 My Town (Feat. Drake, Lil Wayne) [Extended Version]
09 Gucci Mane - Ball Til Ya Fall (Feat. Birdman)
10 The Dream - Pregnant (Remix) (Feat. Robin Thicke, R Kelly, Tyrese)
11 Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind [Part 2]
12 Sheek Louch - Give It Up
13 Birdman - Mo Milly (Feat. Drake, Bun B) [CD Version]
14 Chamillionaire - Send Me An Angel
15 T.I. - In My Bag (Feat. Usher)
16 Drake - Money
17 Rick Ross - Angels (Remix) (Feat. Dirty Money)
18 Kevin Rudolf - I Want It All (Feat. Lil Wayne, Birdman)
19 Game - Buy You A Round (Remix) (Feat. Jim Jones, OJ Da Juiceman, Juvenile,
Jermaine Dupri, Verse Simmonds)
20 Kevin Cossom - U Know What U Doin (Feat. Pusha T)
21 Jim Jones - Hit Em Up (Feat. Byrdgang)
22 Young Jeezy - So Sad (Feat. Plies, JW)
23 Drake - Do What You Do
24 Birdman - Bring It Back (Feat. Lil Wayne)
25 Game - American Dream (Remix) (Feat. Slyhook)
26 Jim Jones - Love Come Down (Remix) (Feat. Fabolous, Red Cafe, Dirty Money)
27 J Holiday - My Bed
28 Snoop Dogg - Rollin'n A Drop Top (Feat. Tha Dogg Pound, A-Dubb)
29 Plies - Daddy's Home (Feat. Usher)
30 Jay Rock - King Of My City (Feat. Juice, LV, Crooked I)
31 Currency - Jets Over Everything
32 Rihanna - Hole In My Head (Feat. Justin Timberlake)
33 T.I. - Let Em Talk (Feat. Big Kuntry, Brandon)
34 Kanye West - I'm So Apalled
35 Ludacris - Turnt Up
36 Nicki Minaj - Grindin Making Money (Feat. Birdman, Lil Kim)
37 Gucci Mane - G-Spot (Remix) (Feat. Wyld Money)
38 Drake - Invented Sex (Remix) (Feat. Trey Songz, Grafh)
39 Slym Hustle - Nobody Can't Do It Like Me (Feat. L'Jai)
40 R Kelly - Elsewhere
41 J Holiday - You Don't Know
42 Joe Budden - Russian Roulette (Remix)
43 Lloyd - Fly Away
44 Ne-Yo - Pictures
45 Jay Sean - War
46 Ne-Yo - Heartbreakers
47 Common - Strang Fruit (Feat. John Legend)
48 Gucci Mane - Trap Or Die 2 (Remix) (Feat. Young Jeezy)

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ok so letme see

you got common gucci ne-yo lloyd plies kevin rudolf Rihanna jim jones the dream birdman rick ross and kanye - ill pass and i kinda wanna laugh
grindinshinin's picture

no one cares that youll pass

no one cares that youll pass. good tape. new birdman cd is really good
dninc's picture


Bird Tracks sound good, Not that nigga, that nigga have some of the best production i've heard all year on it and he aint did shit with it! Somebody need to take his production and Spit some real flames over and show him how to kill Production.
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
----- New Orleans Nigga... I get SUPADOME!
Yung Screw 817's picture


Birdman & Gooch are a waste of good trackz.............. This tape iz fucking LAME by the way.
chop76's picture

For real! that Birdman

For real! that Birdman Priceless cd is wack but I find myself just lettin it play cause the beats are fire
bole420's picture

a game spitter

growth & development... birdman himself say he not a rapper or he cant rap he say hez a game spitter.....look out for that dj folk and birdman mixtape bigger than life it may b better than priceless.
grindinshinin's picture

man i could care less as

man i could care less as long as it sounds good when i'm fucked up

manny made birdman, he's

manny made birdman, he's wack as fuck.

manny made birdman, he's

manny made birdman, he's wack as fuck. i dont pass by the way if you couldnt tell...?

birdman is crazy gay - you

birdman is crazy gay - you listen to mroe than three birdman joints a year and you turn into a homo
RaVaGeSpEeD's picture


alfa4035 wrote:
birdman is crazy gay - you listen to mroe than three birdman joints a year and you turn into a homo
That's the funniest shit I've read all year

im finna slap a bitch

im finna slap a bitch

im finna slap a bitch

im finna slap a bitch
BillionaireBling's picture


All these niggaz on here hating on gucci and birdman. If these niggas couldn't rap they wouldn't have CDs and mixtapes with major labels. They must be doing something right. They millionaires. I respect any nigga on they grind and hustle getting they bread up. And most mixtapes got the same or old songs on them but each DJ puts their own spin and sound on it. Thats why its call mixtape torrent and not brand new album torrent. Do you really think they would give you this shit for free if every song on every one of these hoes was new? Comment the mixtapes if they are good or not and stop hating on the rappers. Like Gucci say, wake up stuntin' not hating. Bless your game you lames.
dninc's picture


Kevin Federline Had CD's and Mixtapes with a Major Label too! His album aint do shit, just because you got a deal don't mean you automatically a good artist, grindin hard or some big time Millionare or some shit, Labels are basically pre-talent screeners, distribution and pressing deals or just marketing deals they will put you out there but they wont know how well you will be until you actually make them a good profit, Gucci aint put out an Album under Warner Bro's yet, his first album was just under Atlantic records which isn't all that big of a label, he's now under a big label and ain't really do shit for em yet, i know he makin em nervous by going to jail before his launch date tho.
And Birdman wouldn't be SHIT if he didn't fall upon Juvi, Turk, B.G. Lil Wayne, Manny Fresh etc..
They walked away from the Label *minus wayne* but he owned the rights to all of the stuff they had recorded prior and just banked off them, before his label was anything he was nothing more than a broke ass Bounce rapper and his label wasn't shit, it was being run outta his shot gun house, he did a lot of rippin off nigga's, nearly gettin shot, sellin drugs to get his label to the point where he could pay nigga's, then he scammed a bunch of nigga's that use to be on his label (and they still tryin to kill that nigga to this day), he did the same shit with Turk, B.G. Juvi, Manny and all and almost did it to Lil Wayne, but decided to pay him double digit millions and give him Part ownership of Cash Money. In some cases i don't even know why Baby is even trying to release albums other than to keep his own name out there, only 1 of his albums ever break 350,000 mark, the rest aint even seen 100,000. and the only reason his shit even sales is because of good marketing from Universal, the Production be Nice as fuck and he be having some big time rapper featuring in every one of his tracks, like this new one that released.
- to make a long story short.. they Garbage.
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
----- New Orleans Nigga... I get SUPADOME!
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cmon mannn....

u really feeln gucci man's lyrics? damn. just bc u a millionaire dont make u good at somethin.....niggaz win the lotto too. they gotta handle on tha rap game tho fa sho, n im definitely not hatin on anyone makin money, the game is what u make it. rep tha zoo all day.
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when i hear a verse i don't really care who rappin it but, whether or not i believe or appreciate the verse is based solely on who is tellin true story. With that said i really think Gucci is the truth....i'm not sayin he the best rapper or anything but when he raps about somethin...i'll most likely believe what the dude sayin. Brick Street to Chicago eM.D.Queue