Drake & Keyz - So Far With Drake (Collabo Edition)

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01 Drake - Ignorant Shit Feat. Lil Wayne
02 Drake - I'm Goin In Feat. Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne
03 Drake - Money To Blow Feat. Lil Wayne & Birdman
04 Drake - 4 My Town (Play Ball) Feat. Lil Wayne & Birdman
05 Drake - Uptown Feat. Bun B & Lil Wayne
06 Drake - Say Something Feat. Timbaland
07 Drake - My Darling Baby Feat. Lil Wayne
08 Drake - Forever Feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem
09 Drake - Throw It In The Bag Feat. Fabolous
10 Drake - Killer Feat. Nipsey Hussle
11 Drake - Unstoppable Feat. Lil Wayne & Santogold
12 Drake - Believe It Or Not
13 Drake - Have It Your Way Feat. Red Cafe
14 Drake - Made Feat. Big Sean
15 Drake - Mo Milly Feat. Bun B & Birdman
16 Drake - I Get Money Feat. Kevin Cossom
17 Drake - Hurt Feat. Dirty Money
18 Drake - Shut It Down Feat. The Dream
19 Drake - I Invented Sex Feat. Trey Songz
20 Drake - Where Were You Feat. Colin Munroe
21 Drake - Successful Feat. Trey Songz
22 Drake - Here We Go Feat. Twista

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... Wait for it... ... . .. .. ... .. ..

"tapping fingers on the desk waiting for "Young Ghey n Sexy har " to come hopping in here with her tight crocodile dundee rattle-skin jeans with his pouch full of juicy details, goodies and gossip on Drake.. "
LOL i probably ran em off now
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
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I thought this was the best of Al B Sure.
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lame ass nigga, while u make it seem like im a hater? Drake's talented i'll give him that. but i refuse to listen to him cuz his trying to be something his not, his just too fake and overrated as fuk. I know people that used to go school with him, they said he didn't start acting "black" until he was like 20. His friends we're some rasict rich fags. Drake is homo his gotta niggas to blow ow ow ow lol
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You and Drake have alot in common. You just discribed yourself minus the (talented) part.
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LOL, man I luv read these

LOL, man I luv reading these comments on here. Always got me rolling........
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Taah DAaAaHHH!!

Drake tapes to this dude is like throwing shrimp bait into a pond full of wide mouth Bass, he's guaranteed to to bite every single time. dude sits up at night waking up in cold sweats hoping to see a Drake tape up so he can tell people how much he hates him because he knows him then tries to leak out tid bits of gossip.. whats wrong with u?
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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Meyhars ol kangaroo chipmunk

Meyhars ol kangaroo chipmunk lookin ass nigga. Hey meyhar can you make those wild austrailian calls like the MIC DUNDEE? Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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oh shit

its funny cuz its true
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HOLY SHIT!!! Diz nigga DN called it hourz ahead! and he waz on point! WTF! lmao! that nigga must be really predictable! lol... then he tried to change it up and tried to give him propz then went back to hatin on him that nigga is bipolar like a mothafucka i thought Bitchez flipped fast, GOD DAMN thiz nigga went COLD den HOT in one sentence! that must be a record!
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yall so wrong.....but hey he do it to hisself "No Signature Required and Dont Need A Cosigner"


i aint gonna front, i like some of his earlier stuff( so far gone ,drake cakes)then he lost me but that new single aint bad yo(dallas something?)im looking forward to the album just to see if he goes harder on it, the dude has really good producers -cuz everybody is beat-jackin' that fool...remember that nigga aint no thug, im sure he was raised like a fuckin' huxtable and shit(cosby show)


that fool dinc called it haha geyher always got the juicy details bout drake._Although I’m world wide baby I aint hard to find
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i agree

drake is garbage. another nikki manji lol. most young money sucks. the best in the group is locked up (wayne), currseny is m.i.a, millz use to be hot but hes fallen off lately, and gudda only good on waynes track. for the most part, young money is garbage and drake falls into that same category. what category you ask. the garbage one lol
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poor little gehyar

He's just kinda...sad really. Its too easy to make fun of him. everything he does is just dumb. Anyways. on to the tape. I see exactly 1 song that looks slightly new. The rest of this shit came out LAST year. I guess this is the final push going into June for his album, which has a 60-40 chance of sucking. I've heard its being produced by Ye, but he can't get rid of Drake's inability to be original. Its sad cause So Far Gone had such potential...