B.R. - Collateral Damage


1. Collateral Damage
2. Aint A Thing Ft J.R.
3. Ok
4. C.I.M.A.G
5. No Time Off Ft Jack Spade
6. Grittin
7. Stay Blazin Ft Q
8. What It Is
9. Rumble Ft Jaxx
10. Freestyle
11. Days Of Our Lives Ft Swagga
12. Flashing Lights Ft J.R.
13. Shot To The Heart
14. Mr U Kno Who I B Burgh
15. Who
16. Only 4 Tonight
17. U Know Him Well

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The County In The F*&!ing Building.... What's Trill Hood Boi Boi

This is what I'm talkin bout... Go head son, do ur damn diddy bop. We finally out here getting some recognition and burn... Yall faggots out there watering down rap need to start gettin on my ppl like BR. The Burgh We on the map son!!! holla at me boi boi, always do it big, keep it 110% and keep repping us muthafucker... N that mr. kno who i be is beyond a flamer!!! GET UP ON THIS SHIT IF YOU REAL, RECOGNIZE THE HUSTLE OUT THE COUNTY