Crooked I - Evolution Of A Boss (2CD)

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CD 1

1. Intro
2. Gz Come Out At Night ft. Sho Shot, Diceman, Legacy, Lil C Style (1996) (Xclusive CDQ Untagged World Premiere)
3. Rap Killers ft. Tray Dee, Tehniec (1998)
4. Uh Oh ft. Silva Satin (1999)
5. Did You Eva Think ft. R Kelly (2001)
6. Still Tha Row OG ft. Virginiya Slim (2003)
7. Me Agianst The World ft. 2pac, Young Red (2004)
8. Leave Us Alone (2004) (Xclusive CDQ Untagged World Premiere)
9. Dynasty 4 Life (2004)
10.My Life (2004)
11.Watch What You Do (2005)
12.Mill Out The Deal (2005)
13.The Kite OG (2005) (Xclusive Untagged OG World Premiere
14.Lowprofiles (2005) (Xclusive CDQ Untagged World Premiere
15.Gangstas Holiday (2006)
16.Respect Your OG's (2006)
17.Str8 Bosses (2006)
18.La City Style (2006)
19.Everyday (2006) (Xclusive CDQ World Premiere produced by Focus and Smitty of FocusProductions)

Bonus CD

1. We Pop ft. RZA, E40, Jayo Felony, WC, Method Man, Freemurda, ShaCronz (2004) (Kao Full Remix)
2. Ridin Dirty ft. Dj Quik, The Game, Chamillionare (2006) (Kao Full Westcoast Remix)
3. Boom Boom Clap ft. Horseshoe Gang, Mykestro, Coniyac (2006) (Dynasty Remix)
4. One Blood ft. The Game, Dogg Pound, Snoop Dogg, WC, Glasses Malone (2006) (Westcoast remix)
5. The Cypher ft. Horeshoe Gang (2006)
6. Who Dem Boyz ft. Name Brand (2006)
7. Tap Dancin ft. Chino XL (2006)
8. Bucktown (2006)
9. Collateral Damage ft. Phantom, Chino XL, Canibus (2006)
10.The Truth (2006)
11.Same Gang ft. Bishop Lamont,Spit Fiya,Spider Loc Guerilla Black,G.Malone,Young Hoggs,Big Wy,Six Million (2006)
12.G Music Ft. Lil Bam, Jerzy J (2006)

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Crooked I is the GREATEST mc to come out of lbc and yes that includes snoop.

I Agree Fully...

I agree fully with the nigga above me.Crooked I is definitely the best mc outta the LBC.Game, Crooked I, Roccett and Juice should do a joint together.Hot like fire!!!