DJ Kronik - Brisco: The New Ca$h Money

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1. Brisco - Down and Out Freestyle
2. Brisco - In The Hood
3. Brisco - I'm Into Dat
4. Brisco - Brisco On Deck
5. Brisco - I'm A G
6. Brisco - Get It Off
7. Brisco - Opa Locka
8. Brisco - 745
9. Brisco - I'm Real
10. Brisco - Certified Dead
11. Brisco - Homeboy
12. Brisco - Future Of Dade County
13. Brisco - Block Vacant
14. Brisco - Alright
15. Brisco - Give Me A Chance
16. Brisco - Early Bird
17. Brisco - This Bris
18. Brisco - Quest To Get G's
19. Brisco - Live By The Streets
20. Brisco - I Can't Help It
21. Brisco - Blackball Me
22. Brisco - Thug Poetry
23. Lil Wayne - We Taking Over
24. Brisco - Rockstar

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Ton da Don- here's my boy!!!

Ton da Don- here's my boy!!! Brisco........Brisco. Thanks for the up


Brisco's little gunshot obsession on this tape is lame as hell. It gets real old real fast.

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Yea whatever son listen to the music its fuckin briscos time check the name bitch! brisco straight fire

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he did listen 2 the music

he did listen 2 the music and gave his opinon on it
its not his fault he doesnt like ur boy

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i didnt hate on this dude once i said whatever to the annoyin gunshot sounds and simply told him to listen to the music didnt diss or say shit about this guys character or anythin realize that simply reppin brisco

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o i feel u

o i feel u

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yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah boy. brisco 305 all that shit... i dont even know why i like this but its hot and best shit to come out in a while!
so im guessing he signed with cash money but since i dont know shit about the lil gangsta movie scene they all have going on is it real or just a mixtape cover?
thanks for the up

y0 i 0nly likd 3 tracks da

y0 i 0nly likd 3 tracks da rest 0f dis shit iz trash i w0uld listen 2 s0me 0f ma 0maha, nebraska niggaz b 4 i put dis mixtape 0n a disc y0

All I'm asking is why he

All I'm asking is why he gotta put all this 'gangsta' bullet noise in the background so he can sound hard. If he real then his music will hit harder than some gunshot gimicks. Just make him sound cheap to me.

Ton da Don-i dont no about

Ton da Don-i dont no about u, but when i hear the gun shot it makes it sound better. probably done too much on this tape, but i dont think hes done it to sound hard. its probably the dj who done it anyway, brisco....brisco

this is crazy thnxs

this is crazy thnxs

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aight listen, gunshots and

aight listen, gunshots and loud noises are on ALOT OF MIXTAPES. Weezy's SUFFIX had it on almost evry track, dj whoo kid do it alot too, get off my boys nuts about it. and it aint even brisco, its DJ Kronik who puts all the shit together.

d.c got luv for Brisco do ya

d.c got luv for Brisco do ya thang young nig... Niggas luvn tht aggressive shyt