Cash NY - I Am NY


01. Allow Me To Introduce Myself (I Am New York) Feat. Quest
(Produced By J. Doe)

02. Welcome To Brooklyn Feat. Arlis Michaels
(Produced By GM Productions)

3. Haters Walk With Me
(Produced By J. Doe)

4. Streets Of New York Feat. Hazali
(Produced By Chad West)

5. Welcome Home
(Produced By J. Doe)

6. What You Know About It
(Produced By Moss)

7. Heavy Metal Feat. Hell Rell & Donns Day
(Produced By Sid Roams)

8. I Came For You Feat. Donns Day
(Produced By Street Runner)

9. This Cant Be Life Feat. Hazali

10. I Weigh Money
(Produced By J. Doe)

11. Higher Learning Feat. Nyce Da Future
(Produced By Track Bangaz)

12. Livin A Movie Feat. Quest
(Produced By J. Doe)

13. No Days Off
(Produced By No Joke)

14. Times Up Feat. Donns Day
(Produced By Info & Nova)

15. Mob Star Feat. Young Avatar

16. Street Runner
(Produced By No Joke)

17. GoodBye, So Long
(Produced By J. Doe)

18. My Story
(Produced By Xv)

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shits good

pretty solid tape..better than alotta shit coming out the east coast