Brisco - The Wait Is Over (Mixed By DJ Kronik & DJ Obscene)

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01) Im Back
02) Where He At
03) Know What Im Talkin Bout
04) Jus Know Dat
05) You Know Me
06) Alright
07) Young Niggas
08) Lonely Road
09) Hustle For That Green
10) The Life
11) Thug Money
12) Dat Shit
13) I Get Money
14) Homeboy
15) Ricky
16) Get It Off
17) Big Boy Shit
18) Lord Of The Rings
19) Gangsta Gangsta
20) Got A Couple Blocks
21) Hood Boy Freestyle
22) Give Me A Chance
23) Dont Want To Be Alone
24) Sliding

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yeah boy!!!! bri$$coooo 4

yeah boy!!!! bri$$coooo 4 lyf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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dude looks like hes got to take a shit

this dude is still around? i

this dude is still around? i thought he retired and started selling foreclosed homes in opa locka. lol.

This mixtape goes hard as fuck!!!! U will not be disappointed

I hate when fuckgirls leave comments but the comments have nothing to do with the mixtape music. But this shit goes hard peeps!!! I was listening to this shit all day at work yesterday!

brisco got another

brisco got another one.......tight shit as usual

brisco got another

brisco got another one...........hard shit as usual

brisco been puttin the same

brisco been puttin the same songs out for 3 years. i ain't coppin' shit until his album drops. the gangsta grillz was enough for me.
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