Busta Rhymes & The Conglomerate - Catastrophic


01 - Catastrophe
02 - All Gold Everything
03 - Poetic Justice
04 - What You Know About It
05 - Diamond In The Ruff
06 - Prelude To The Truth
07 - Freak Show
08 - My Type Of Party
09 - Adorn
10 - No Worries
11 - Elevator Music
12 - What You Wanna Do
13 - Fkin Problems
14 - Hail Mary
15 - Backseat Freestyle
16 - Cash Moneyyoung Mula
17 - Shaheem Reid Interview

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you do know people dont even

you do know people dont even really come on here like that anymore right? like... your comments are pretty much seen by you and only you, besides the occasional person... you just seem fuckin bat shit crazy. it isnt funny, it isnt even close to being cool...