Cam'ron & Vado - Throw It Up

Cam & Vado's upcoming project Heat In Here Vol 1 drops May 25th

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you can tell from the cover

you can tell from the cover this is gonna be hot, finna give this song a listen-$$ As Long As They Reppin It That's Wat Its All About $$
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first let me start by saying that was a nice instrumental, sounds like something i would make. The first verse sounded average but Cam did better after the hook came in, vado killed this song, he was spittin that acidic flame, if my zune hadn't have gotten stolen i would be listenin to this all week( or at least till thursday ).-$$ As Long As They Reppin It That's Wat Its All About $$
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not bad its a decent track...but sounds like its old, maybe just me tho....
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yeah i thought that too at first cause cam said something about the ladies loving us , but i might have mistaken it with one of the parodys by broken equipment on youtube because i don't remember the instrumental [ ]-$$ As Long As They Reppin It That's Wat Its All About $$
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Man This Nikka Droping Shit Like Crazy

Dipset!!! ...5th Ward Tx Off That Lockwood Dr.
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gay as fuck

nice scarf, gay lookin ass, album should be called insert in here

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