Vado - Large On The Streets Pt 2

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01 - Large On The Streets Pt 2 Intro
02 - Vado - U See Me
03 - Vado - Freestyle
04 - Vado - Come Around My Way Freestyle
05 - Vado Rick Ross Meek Mill - Rose Red Remix
06 - Vado Two Five Waka Flocka Ciara - Hard In The
07 - Vado - Warrior
08 - Vado - Uptown
09 - Vado - Step Up 2 The Spot
10 - Vado - Polo
11 - Cado Camron Busta Rhymes - Rubberband Stacks
12 - Vado Camron - Speaking In Tounges
13 - Vado Cassidy - We Go Hard
14 - Msticky Icky - Interlude
15 - Vado Jae Millz - Rep My City
17 - Vado - Freestyle
18 - Vado - Freestyle Pt 2
19 - Vado - I Heard Enuff
20 - Vado - Ryder Music
21 - Vado - I Aint Mad At Ya
22 - Vado - Shooters In Town
23 - Vado - Streets Demand It
24 - Vado - Clap 2 Times
25 - Vado - Murda Murda Grim Reaper
26 - Vado Camrom - Brick Breakers
27 - Vado Nore Iman Thug - What Up Slime
28 - Vado Maino - Freestyle
29 - Vado - Feds
30 - Vado - Invasion Pt 1
31 - Vado - Invasion Pt 2
32 - Vado Kid Cudi Camron - U Killin Me
33 - Vado Camron - Throw It Up
34 - Vado Camron - Its Your Party
35 - Vado - 1 Minute
36 - Vado - Where Im From
37 - Vado 40 Cal Camron - Blue Tops
38 - Outro Wwwwhiteowldropthatcom
39 - Bonus Track

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wheres the dipset album dropinn?.

WE are the weilder, we are the power, we need the means and the storys between the lines..
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Cam & Vado's "Guns N Butta" Drops On 9/21

It looks like September & October is when most of the good shit drops this year. You got a few more weeks to wait for that, but it there's alot of other good shit droppin out each week before that too so I can wait for it. Duke Da God's also droppin a CD on the 7th, but I'm not expecting much from him. You can go to ( to see the release dates for all rap CDs that's expected to drop, so be on the lookout for what you want.
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Dis dat nigga truly a breath of fresh air to da game. I wonda wen Slime Flu gone drop " Tell Me What Dat Mail Like" Spice 1

Too many 1 min cuts.

The good thing about the CD is that their were some songs I hadn't heard. So I need to go find those.
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dont sleep on vado. kid go a

dont sleep on vado. kid got a sick flow. sliiiiime !!!!pass the hotsauce b!!!!
rIChsmONeys's picture

Dont Sleep

Not bad at all. But nothing that stands out. Good D/L though, I suggest listening to it
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any1 know what mixtape track

any1 know what mixtape track 19 (heard enough) is on? shit fiya but only like half tha track.!!!!pass the hotsauce b!!!!
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Vado's that new kid rite now coming out off Harlem...Glad he's with flea, cause he gonna blow him up like Santana... i wonder hows the U.N. gonna sound as a team..

vado da hottest nigga in da

vado da hottest nigga in da streetz rite now no homo............
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Why ya'll saying don't sleep?

More and more people are getting a wide awakening, Vado popularity is gaining steam with every mixtape he on.... Now Cam.. he's a "yawner"
~Sig~ Nawlinz gumbo-fuse everywhere we go!, TampOrleans, AtlanOrleans, MiamOrleans, HoustOrleans, MemphOrleans, New YOrleans, Los AngelOrleans, OhiOrleans, TorontOrleans, OrlandOrleans, DallOrleans, PhillidelphOrleans. ~sig~
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lol. yeah you right about

lol. yeah you right about killa. seems like he tired of puttin in work on his own skits. on the other hand it was cam that set up that ladder vado`s climbin on right now (props 2 him 4 that). lets see how much strength vado got in therms of goin up ya dig. i wish him the best. 2 me aint nobody in the set that was on the level hes on now (speekin on overall flow)!!!!!pass the hotsauce b!!!!
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