DJ Famous - Carter Vs Carter (The Second Chapter)

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01. Lil Wayne - I Got Money feat. T-Pain [03:57]
02. Jay-Z - Glamorous Freestyle feat. Rick Ross [00:30]
03. Lil Wayne - Me & My Drank feat. Short Dog [06:33]
04. Jay-Z - Blow The Whistle Freestyle [02:17]
05. Lil Wayne - Lets Pray [04:16]
06. Jay-Z - Say Hello [03:47]
07. Lil Wayne - California Love feat. Tyga [04:23]
08. Jay-Z - Dead Presidents [01:28]
09. Lil Wayne - Too Clean feat. Lil Chukie [01:14]
10. Jay-Z - Song Cry [03:49]
11. Lil Wayne - Its Killin Me [03:14]
12. Jay-Z - Ain't I [04:41]
13. Lil Wayne - A Millie [03:33]
14. Jay-Z - Mayback Music feat. Rick Ross [01:32]
15. Lil Wayne - Lolli Pop Remix feat. Kanye West [04:16]
16. Jay-Z - Bye Bye Remix feat. Mariah Carey [00:59]
17. Lil Wayne - In Da Club Remix feat. Usher & Beyonce [01:19]
18. Jay-Z - Hands Up feat. Mary J. [03:16]
19. Lil Wayne - 10 Years feat. Sizzla [01:18]
20. Jay-Z - I'm On The Roc feat. Mavado [04:18]
21. Lil Wayne - Luxury Tax feat. Rick Ross, Jeezy & Trick [00:55]
22. Jay-Z - Can I Live [02:54]
23. Lil Wayne - Brand Nu [03:20]
24. Jay-Z - I Ain't Heard Of That feat. Slim Thug [04:37]
25. Lil Wayne - Do My Thang feat. Juelz Santanna [03:51]

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2 GZ's in this tape/good

2 GZ's in this tape/good selection

why they even comparin these

why they even comparin these niggas i aint sayin one better than the other im jus sayin stop comparin like random ppl u would prolly never see beefin
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umm they were kinda beefin 4

umm they were kinda beefin 4 a minute and this comparasion has been made hundreds of times by hundreds of dj's

yeah exactly... they need to

yeah exactly... they need to set up battles and shit between two people who actually have beef then they can settle it that way.

Malicious said it best.

"Don't compare me to you n*gga, you ain't this" -What Happened To That Boy


he may be one of the best but didnt he shoot his self flexin with a gun in tha mirror years back?!?! Ha Haaa! and to add to tha fact he rapped about it like someone shoot him! flexin ass niggas need to exterminated in tha rap game like t.i. he flexed about bein from bankhead and he from tha southside of town which is riverdale. i knew he wsnt from tha west side. im glad some had tha nuts to call him out like my patnah shawty lo. no wonder everytime he screamed bankhead durin interviews tha whole p.s.c squad looked at him funny bcus they all knew he wasnt from bankhead. dats i respect jeezy and GUCCCIIII bcus they really lived tha life even tho they still fuedin.

Nigga you copied and pasted

Nigga you copied and pasted this shit in another lil wayne mixtape spot. Quit findin this nigga name and sayin shit about him if you dont like him. You spendin a lot of yo time on this shit fuck boi. And you can't really say what Wayne, Jeezy or Gucci really lived cuz you wasn't there when they lived it. All you going off is some shit other niggaz done told you or you see on TV. Until you sit yo fat head ass down and talk to any rapper dont make comments on "this nigga aint lived shit" Big ups to jeezy, gucci, wayne and jay. Nigga chill wit that shit, just be happy that another black brother makin money, so we can take this world over. Stop showing the lady of a nigga. Hating ass nigga



It's HOVA hands DOWN like

It's HOVA hands DOWN like 6:30, think about it!

Yall some dumb ass ..... Get

Yall some dumb ass ..... Get some money and stop watching the rap game like a desperate house wife.... god damn Eva Longoria ass niggaz... wish i was your neighbour budd id fucken smash you pussies talking like youre hard... bottom line get M0N3Y!@!