Chip Tha Ripper - Gift Raps


01 The Entrance - Prod. By Chip, Duke & Juilo
02 Light One Up
03 U.A.F.
04 The Big Bang
05 Everyday Chillin
06 The Coldest
07 Life
08 Dynoman
09 Jumanji
10 Hang Out
11 Plural - Co. Prod. By Blended Babies
12 Underdogs
13 The Bio

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Cleveland Cold Heat

I fukz with diz dude a lil bit

...(no homo). Im a give it a shot and see wut it dew.
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instant download..

instant download..
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I will dl this on the fact

I will dl this on the fact of listening to his first cd. Shits kool


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light one up is super nice.Ririzzlm
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Download it.

Chip is too cold. ~If it doesn't have to do with the music, it doesn't fuckin matter~

2 goin at once!

2 goin at once, I like my girls like I like my blunts!!!