Chip Tha Ripper - From Me, To You (The Prelude to Gift Raps) [EP]


01 Chip Tha Ripper - No Worries (Prod. By Rami & Duke)
02 Chip Tha Ripper - Ain't No Love Here (Prod. By Million $ Mano)
03 Chip Tha Ripper - I Told You (Prod. By Blended Babies)
04 Chip Tha Ripper - Baby Phat Remix (Prod. By Nvme)
05 Chip Tha Ripper - Click Clack (Feat. 79Th Truth) (Prod. By Chad B)
06 Chip Tha Ripper - Fat Raps (Remix) (Feat. Chuck Inglish, Big Sean, Asher Roth, Dom Kennedy & Boldy James) (Prod. By Chuck Inglish)

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Chip goes in

always. Gift Raps is gonna be some next level ish with chuck inglish prod. it all. but chip is ill as it gets
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1Who ever said crime dont

1Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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My Nigga!!

Chip go hard, I dont a fuck that its only a couple songs, Im downloading this
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Must D/L

Chip is Whack

...Nuff' said... " - Money,Pimpin and Politics"
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you trippin

you trippin 4real.... Nuff' said....
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Can't wait for gift Raps to

Can't wait for gift Raps to drop... Been in need of some good smoking music...[Gettin' Money, Niggas think I joined Illuminati]
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Chip rolls hard

chip roll hard man, he chipped the dice -Respect no cop--fear no criminal-010 ROTTERDAM REPRESENT

chip is that shit been

chip is that shit been fuckin wit him since kappin on 4s this is a must d/l no questions asked
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nice!!!!! lol check out

nice!!!!! lol check out ya boy creepin behind them gifts! good shit!!!!pass the hotsauce b!!!!