Chuck Inglish - WRKOUT.


01 Rolls Royce
02 Inquiring Minds
03 Sideways
04 Triangles
05 Smallville Feat. Jade Hurtado
06 Wild Saturday Night
07 Different
08 Love Work
09 Beep Beep
10 Mustangs
11 Sailboats Feat. Bad Rabbits
12 Gumball Machine

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I hadn't came to this site in like 4 months...Tired of everybody reposting other cats beats like it was something new or original or even hot. I mean damn we got white owl, arms, coast to coast wtf right But you had some nice ass joints bruh, real talk. It was a nice lil lane that you made for yaself and I can dig it. Playa to playa. Pimp to Pimp #Salute