D. Cooley & Nephew - Konnected (Hosted By DJ Dutty Laundry)

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1. Intro 1:29
2. Throwin Deuces (Feat. Lil Man) 5:11
3. Charger (Feat. Henny Lo And Lil Keith) 4:43
4. The Truth (Feat. Ace) 3:52
5. Weight Man (Feat. Henny Lo And Mo Cash) 4:12
6. Beef (Feat. Supaman) 4:09
7. Interlude 0:23
8. Where You From (Feat. Mr. Mack, Yo Gotti, All Star) 4:14
9. Ice 4:21
10. Rainbow 3:15
11. Im Known (Feat. Koop The Beatman) 2:24
12. They Gon Have To See Me 3:49
13. Crank Me Up 4:01
14. Welcome 2 Da South (Feat. Fatty Cage And Yung Tre) 5:05
15. Whats Your Name (Feat. Miss Nae) 5:15
16. Interlude 0:17
17. Trap Bitch 4:18
18. Cook And Chop (Feat. Lil Man) 4:41
19. Money Machine 4:49
20. Whut It Do 4:05
21. As The World Turns 3:10

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how come lil wayne is not on it garbage

dick ridahhhh aHhaha

dick ridahhhh aHhaha


i'm sick and fucking tired of all you bitch ass niggas complaining that lil wayne aint on the mixtape, fuck off and get off the niggas dick lil waynes shit now was big back in da day but now he on that t-pain voice box pussy nigga shit. bitch ass niggas.

I wish someone could comment

I wish someone could comment on these niggas on D.Cooley and Nephew...i heard a little d. cooley but wassup with the tape?????See I really wish that mixtape torrent wasnt turnin into a bitch nigga blog site but since it is look...wayne is nice with the ryhmes but HE AINT NO TRAP NIGGA....to some niggas this matters..to some it dont...see these niggas here probly still stuck in that gutter life but wayne never really actually was...wayne dont belong on this mixtape...im really hopin whoever wrote that comment ab him was either joking or 10 years old or Gangsta Rap might be in trouble.

much love to them nigga

much love to them nigga reppin tha 423 chatt-town holla . BOUT TIME SOMEBODY PUT CHATT ON THE MAP

chatt town

finally, if only it wasn't hosted by that bitch nigga dutty laundry. d. cooley is real tho, and good to see fatty cage get on a track man, 423 represent all day