D-Dot - It's About To Be Crazy Vol. 2


1. (00:00:21) D-Dot - Crazy Cat (Intro)
2. (00:02:30) D-Dot & Wais P. - God Damn Freestyle
3. (00:03:39) Wais P. - You See It
4. (00:01:49) Mad Rapper - Wanna Get High Freestyle
5. (00:02:48) Wais P. - I'm Hustler (Feat. Black Rob)
6. (00:03:59) Wais P. - How To Pimp (Feat. Mad Rapper)
7. (00:00:59) Mad Rapper - That's That... Freestyle
8. (00:04:01) Wais P. - I'm Back Bitches (Feat. Sauce Money)
9. (00:02:59) Wais P. - No Favors
10. (00:03:00) Mad Rapper - Dear Hip-Hop
11. (00:03:15) Mad Rapper - Convict Boy Freestyle
12. (00:02:53) Wais P. - Pimpin' 101
13. (00:01:52) D-Dot & E. Ness - Freestyle
14. (00:03:24) Wais P. - Inz & Outz (Feat. Nickelus F & Mad Rapper)
15. (00:01:57) Wais P. - Run Freestyle
16. (00:03:17) Termanology - No Shame (Feat. Easy $ & Wais P.)
17. (00:04:24) Tracey Lee - Philly Shit (Brother Love Remix)
18. (00:01:58) D-Dot - Everywhere We Go (Feat. Lil' Kim & Nicki Minaj)
19. (00:03:01) Maffew Ragazino, Sr. - Tdk (Feat. Wais P.)
20. (00:04:12) Breyan Isaac - Prophecy
21. (00:03:29) Skyzoo - Lead By Example (Feat. Nickelus F & Wais P.)
22. (00:03:19) Rasi Caprice - Playin' With Fire (Feat. Ras Kass & Wais P.)
23. (00:02:43) Mad Rapper - Brooklyn's Finest Freestyle
24. (00:02:56) Wais P. - Ain't A Problem
25. (00:03:11) Wais P. - Look @ The Rimz

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I'm not one to judge a book by it's cover and I'm aware that all it takes is a quick and simple download...but i can't bring myself to waste my time on the madd rapper. anyone actually d/l it tho? any thoughts?
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are you serious, madd rapper aka d-dot has that 90' bad boy sound, cant front on that unless you some younin' more concern about dance moves... he even got my mans skyzoo and termanology on it so imma check it out. wais p cool aswell.
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no hate

I don't have any hate for the 90's bad boy sound...as long as it doesn't involve diddy and his "uh huh, yeah take that take that take that" bull shit. let's be real, d-dot was THE heat maker of the 90's and early 00's, biggie is the g.o.a.t. and black rob had a couple of bangers, other than that, bad boy has been and will always be wack. plus bad boy doesn't get credit for j.u.n.i.o.r. mafia and fuck ma$e and his two hot songs (tops). on top of that, it's known that Kanye produced a lot of d-dot's shit...who's to say how much he really did or didn't do. but based on the madd rappers "tell em why u madd" album from 2000, d-dot should have shelved that shit way back with the album skits.