Kochece Presents D-Block: Pulp Fiction

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1. The Devils Wear Nike-International Superstar Intro - Kochece [0:45]
2. G Shit - Jadkiss Ft. Uncle Murder [2:43]
3. Straight 2 Da Block - Sheek Louch [0:53]
4. This Is D-Block - Jadakiss Ft. Rick Ross [2:55]
5. The City Aint Big Enough - Sheek Louch Ft. Styles P [1:49]
6. The Struggle - Styles P [2:41]
7. Professional Hood Shit - Jadakiss [1:17]
8. Go Getta (Remix) - Jadakiss [0:35]
9. Death Roll - Sheek [1:43]
10. Shower Posse - Kochece Ft.Kiotti [3:43]
11. Freestyle #1 - Jadakiss [1:25]
12. Clip Up - Sheek Louch [2:17]
13. Back Up - Styles P [2:57]
14. Freestyle #2 - Jadakiss [1:05]
15. What These Niggas Want - Sheek Louch [1:07]
16. Return Of The Ghost - Sheek Louch Ft. Styles P [2:03]
17. Freestyle #3 - Jadakiss [1:45]
18. No Remorse - Styles P [1:07]
19. The Black Out - Jadakiss [3:13]
20. Freestyle #4 - Jadakiss [1:23]
21. Freestyle - Rawdoggz [3:47]
22. Freestyle - Make Em Pay [1:05]
23. Calmate - Jadakiss [1:33]
24. Freestyle - Harley Davidson [2:21]

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D-BLOCK...two guns up!
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Change Of Heart?

I thought you repped g-unit
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i dont care about beef

G-unit D-block Dipset Blackwall street... whats the point of hatin if they drop hot shit?


Who "reps" rappers? Only the d*ckriders and the haters. I don't even listen to these bullsh*t gimmick diss songs anymore. "You can drink ya hatarade and eat ya pohata chips, n*ggas like y'all is caught in the Hatrix/ But I got a hitsquad that leave hater dead, wit' a f*ckin' hole in ya Mr.Pohata head" -Saigon Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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Dhvlad or whatever

what it got to do with you? i was just commenting that the guy liked g-unit (his picture is Banks) and i was surprised he liked d-block. And stop using that quote you must of posted it five times. But enough e-thugging why can't there be more tapes like this instead of recycled lil wayne
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no worries man...

i had this pic when banks wasnt lazy...but i cant change it coz, when i do...it doesnt change. i agree there should be tapes other than weezy, trust me i like wayne as much as the next dude, but there seems to be more wayne dickryders than dudes shoutin "GGG-UNOT" and "CUUUURTIS".