Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Welcome 2 Texas Vol 2 (Super Bowl XLV Edition)


01 Intro - Slim Thug, Dre Day
02 6 Ft 6 Inch Thug
03 Black & Yellas Ft
04 Paid The Cost Ft Rick Ross
05 Everyday Ft. Dre Day
06 Say I Won't Ft Propain
07 Crush G-Mix
08 Make Luv 2 Da $
09 Hard In Da Paint Flow
10 H.A.M. Ft Dre Day
11 Fuck Everybody G-Mix
12 My Oakcliff Bitch Ft Zilla, T-Cash, Young Black
13 What Yo Name Iz Flow
14 Upgrade From Bologna (No Hands)
15 Like A G6 Flow
16 Bitch Flow Ft Dre Day
17 Runaway Freestyle
18 Hottest In Da City Ft Marcus Manchild, J-Dawg
19 Do It
20 High Az Hell Freestyle

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slim thugga mutha f*cker!!!

hell yeah been some hot mixtapes from texas this past few days, this mixtape be bangin , pour up some purple twist a swisher
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its about that time when my team gon demolish the packers tommorow, Too bad i work tommrow.
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Mr.Southwest wrote:
Fuck Mixtapetorrent, Ima laeave this site for the whole year! Im leaving to police boot camp to get be an Commission officer, Good day to yall nikkas! I promise before this year is over ima go commercial and be on B.E.T, Well goodbye Mixtapetorrent.
Hahaha... someone else can have that one. -Smokyo-
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LMAO!!@ GUCCI CONE!! I likes that one!

LMAO!!@ GUCCI CONE!! I likes that one! U clever as fuck with slick jabs imma give u that one! lol [ |_-CHECK OUT TRAILER FOR ATL's NEW GAY REALITY SHOW!!! GAYTL BCUZ ATL IS THE GAY CAPITOL OF THE SOUTH-_| ]
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Damn it just aint no topping

Damn it just aint no stopping the mixtape game no is it. Why niggas deliver that raw on a mixtape and then the cd sound so hollywood?
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My two cents

You don't have to conform to what a record label wants you to do when you make a mixtape-- A&R's aren't in your ear telling you to make a song to appeal to any given consumer group or purchasing demographic--- you can simply "do you" and let your true fans recognize whatever they care to appreciate about you as an artist---- "Our chronic flaw is partiality of judgement: we exaggerate the wrongs done to ourselves, and underestimate the wrongs we inflict on others" - unknown
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question of the century

i guess cuz on mixtapes you can do what the fuck you want. Then your cd got the label and all these other niggas input on your singles, videos and shit they pay for fucking up the artist groove. I think thats why djs shine cuz they play what they want its just gotta bang.*Fuck Your Comments*
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Decent tape..

Decent tape.. pulled 5 tracks off this one to keep.
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I'll agree with that

This got some nice cuts on it $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$
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