DJ Skee, DJ Haze & September 7th Present Juice: Death Certificate

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01. (00:00:56) Juice - Intro
02. (00:02:48 Juice - King
03. (00:03:47) Juice - Never feat. Scarface
04. (00:05:03) Juice - Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It feat. Ice Cube
05. (00:00:18 Juice - Crooked I Interlude
06. (00:04:07) Juice - The W feat. Roccet and Crooked I
07. (00:01:09) Juice - Drivin Down the Freeway (Rollin 2007)
08. (00:04:01) Juice - Illest New Rapper Alive feat. VL
09. (00:01:49) Juice - For A Minute feat. BG
10. (00:03:31) Juice - Sweet feat. Jay-Z
11. (00:03:15) Juice - Most Anticipated
12. (00:00:49) Juice - Juice Interlude
13. (00:04:51) Juice - No Half Steppin feat. Nas
14. (00:02:01) Juice - Put Ya Hands Up
15. (00:02:56) Juice - Girl You Know feat. Scarface
16. (00:03:00) Juice - Midnight Rider
17. (00:02:47) Juice - Welcome To My Hood feat. Gage
18. (00:00:40) Juice - What Goes Around Interlude
19. (00:04:00) Juice - What Goes Around feat. Mike Anthony and Warren G
20. (00:03:21) Juice - Halos feat. Hell Razah and Crooked I
21. (00:01:50) Juice - Outro

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Roccet, Ice Cube, Scarface & G.A.G.E. with Juice, this shit looks good!
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Juice is real nice and roccett, i mean roccett is sick! get the colors mixtape. Talent Display (GOOGLE ME!!)

the cover is ill. "all u

the cover is ill. "all u need is a hook n a beat, no talent" Tha Ghost

Right right

Right right


better then i thought but still nothing special, shitty quality to

Hot mixtape

carzyconker91 wrote:
better then i thought but still nothing special, shitty quality to
Shitty quality? WTF are you talking about? This is one of the best mixtapes of 2007. Juice is one of the nicest on BWS and he's better than anyone in G-Unit lyrically. Why else would Ice Cube and Nas jump on a track with him?

Real talk

Real talk

huh? who's talking g-unit. i

huh? who's talking g-unit. i didn't know they were on this tape. something tells me 1 reason cube and nas jumped on this track is that they are cool with game. and they got money to do it. juice is tight but he's still a nobody (hasn't put anything out yet album wise). let's face it he's still living off his advance money.

most of the songs with guest

most of the songs with guest appearences are just other tracks mixed in, the one with nas is the last track on the hip hop is dead album, the one with jay-z is from american gangster, and the one with cube is from his new CD.... i agree that juice is the new shit coming out the west coast tho, he spits fire...

shut ya mouth

this mixtape is phat up fuck every1 who dissin it or dissin juice

Juice and Ya Boy r the

Juice and Ya Boy r the dopest of 'The BWS', my opinion. *Juice album Comin' In 08

Juice Is NICE!

This tape is fire! I think Juice is 1 of the best up and coming MC's in the game right now. And since Hip-Hop is losing 1 of the most inspiring artist out right now. The Game is retiring after L.A.X. drops July 8th. So I think we need more MC's like Juice. MC's that take pride in actually slaying a track. For examlpe Lloyd Bank$. So if you LOVE Hip-Hop get this tape and support B.W.S. Juice is the 1 that's going to hold down The B.W.S. crew now that The Game is getting out. Joker Mane (G-Park 4 Life!)


straight up this guy got talent