DJ Skee Presents Juice McCain - American Me III: The Foundation

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01 Juice Mccain - The Foundation [Prod. By Complex]
02 Juice Mccain - Freshcodez (Feat. N8Jetson) [Prod. By Prince]
03 Juice Mccain - Cool Nigga Shit (Feat. Mysonne, Push! & Nu Jerzey Devil) [Prod. By Mally The Martian]
04 Juice Mccain - 2Four3Sixty5 [Prod. By The Academy]
05 Juice Mccain - R.I.P. Polly & Johnny (Feat. Menace & Alice Reid) [Prod. By Prince]
06 Juice Mccain - Never Gonna Stop (Feat. Paypa) [Prod. By Prince]
07 Juice Mccain - Flare (Feat. Young Knox & Young Lace) [Prod. By Prince]
08 Juice Mccain - Get It How I Live (Feat. Chevy Woods) [Prod. By Zone Beatz]
09 Juice Mccain - My Light [Prod. By Zone Beatz]
10 Juice Mccain - No Ordinary Love [Prod. By Zone Beatz]
11 Juice Mccain - Audemar Piguet (Feat. Nipsey Hussle) [Prod. By Dame Grease]
12 Juice Mccain - Reality (Feat. The Kennedy's) [Prod. By Zone Beatz]
13 Juice Mccain - Dead Poet's Society (Feat. Privaledge & Kemyst) [Prod. By Soul Professa]
14 Juice Mccain - I'm A Ridah (Feat. Paul Wall, A.C.E., Zone, Gauge, Lz, Gwap Onehunnid & Born Determined) [Prod. By Dj Smallz]

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Better go harder than 2 coz AM1 was heat and 2 was aight, --DK Stnd UP!--