DJ Diggz & DJ Rated R - The Most Infamous

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(01) [Prodigy] Intro.mp3 819.77 kB
(02) [Prodigy] Represent Me.mp3 4.12 MB
(03) [Mobb Deep] Dirty New Yorkers.mp3 2.74 MB
(04) [Prodigy] Sleep When I Die.mp3 2.54 MB
(05) [Prodigy] The Dough.mp3 3.18 MB
(06) [Prodigy] Money Mechanic.mp3 4.03 MB
(07) [Prodigy] Interlude.mp3 261.73 kB
(08) [Havoc] Fully Loaded Hav.mp3 1.21 MB
(09) [Mazaradi Fox] Interlude.mp3 157.75 kB
(10) [Prodigy Feat. Mazaradi Fox] Im Hardbody.mp3 2.44 MB
(11) [Prodigy] Interlude.mp3 301.32 kB
(12) [Havoc] When The Heat Blastin Off.mp3 1.94 MB
(13) [40 Glocc] Interlude.mp3 226.92 kB
(14) [Prodigy Feat. 40 Glocc] No Wins.mp3 5.05 MB
(15) [Havoc Feat. Infamous Mobb & Big Noyd] Torture.mp3 3.40 MB
(16) [Prodigy Feat. Nyce & Un Pacino] Get Trapped (New Verses).mp3 3.52 MB
(17) [Prodigy] My Blicky.mp3 917.81 kB
(18) [Un Pacino] Paul Roc Revere.mp3 2.48 MB
(19) [Prodigy Feat. Un Pacino & Scott Cain] Got That (Sid Roams).mp3 3.94 MB
(20) [Prodigy Feat. Boogz] Vinnie's.mp3 2.61 MB
(21) [Havoc] Interlude.mp3 236.83 kB
(22) [Havoc] You Dont Know Me.mp3 1.94 MB
(23) [Prodigy Feat. Big Twin] Click Clack (Sid Roams).mp3 2.20 MB
(24) [Big Twin] Nothing Like It.mp3 1.97 MB
(25) [Mobb Deep] Spanish Horns In The Hood.mp3 2.64 MB
(26) [Un Pacino] More Likely (Larry Lo).mp3 2.04 MB
(27) [Mobb Deep Feat. Big Twin] Its Ya Birthday.mp3 3.14 MB
(28) [Big Twin] Wild Cat.mp3 1.66 MB
(29) [Havoc] I Keep That Heat.mp3 2.55 MB
(30) [Prodigy] Interview From Jail.mp3 986.14 kB
(31) [Havoc] My Life, Your Blood.mp3 2.75 MB
(32) [Nyce Feat. Kool G Rap] Target Practice Marxmen.mp3 2.26 MB
(33) [Prodigy] Cut Them Niggas Short.mp3 1.29 MB
(34) [Mobb Deep] What Ya'll Wanna Do.mp3 2.24 MB
(35) [Big Twin Feat. Godfather 3] Come Clean (Sid Roams).mp3 3.69 MB
(36) [Mobb Deep Feat. Nyce & Mazaradi Fox] Murder Kill.mp3 2.93 MB
(37) [DJ Whoo Kid Feat. Prodigy & G Unit] Confrontation.mp3 2.47 MB
(38) [Prodigy] Listen Up.mp3 1.35 MB
(39) [Prodigy] The Night Cap.mp3 2.01 MB

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What up manggg

Anyone peep this mixtape yet??? all mixtapes on grimeylime got a rating system to let you kno how smokin the exclusives are!!! peep the original artists as well as rick ross n lil wayne

tha ratings

Grimey wrote:
all mixtapes on grimeylime got a rating system to let you kno how smokin the exclusives are!!!
I cant go by ratings cause Lil wayne get 4/5 and I dont even like that fool. He dont even get 1/5 from me. So take yur ratings and stickem up yo azzzzz MixtapeTorrent Represent!

old heads

They are goin on 20 years rappin. When are they gonn give it up? I cant listen to them say the same ol shit over and over. Old Mobb Deep is is junk.


P isnt gonna be living too much longer he has sickle cell and will most likely die in about the next 10 years. this is for the kid who doesnt wanna hear him anymore... try hnic 2 its aight first couple tracks are mad nice.

its the infamous mobb,

its the infamous mobb, m-o-b-b, cant be touched cant be see, g-unot!

Worth It

This has a semi-hard-to-find track, "Represent Me" which is supposed to be a bonus track on HNIC2. So thats a good track to tack on to the end of HNIC2. Also "Get Trapped" but I was able to find that else where.