DJ Allure & S.A.S Presents Eurogang - And Then There Was Us


1.S.A.S And Villain-Respect Our Conglomerate
2.S.A.S-Still Movin
3.Villian-Hardbody Freestyle
4.S.A.S And Haze-Flight School
5.Haze-I Put It In
6.Bigz-Eurogang All Day
7.Villain-Youre A Pussy
8.Pak-Man-I Get It In (Feat. Mega)
9.S.A.S-Fantastic 4 (Feat. The Movement)
10.Barkey-In And Out
11.Bigz-King Of Rock
13.S.A.S And Red Rum-Ride Or Die
14.S.A.S-Swaggers Up (Remix) (Feat. Jae Millz And Ya Boy)
15.Tom Gist-Anywhere (Feat. S.A.S)
16.S.A.S-Show You The Door (Feat. Skitzo)
17.Justice-Phantom Part 2 (Remix) (Feat. S.A.S)
18.S.A.S-Lets Talk About It
19.Haze-Lets Talk About It Part 2
20.2g-Fucked Up Man (Road Star Remix) (Feat. G Money S.A.S And Pdc)

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are these dudes dope

Guess I gotta check it out myself, i usually just don't like the accent.. we'll see.. TALENT DISPLAY dot NET (Come thru.. check out some good music y'all) HOLLA!


Gang? More like 8 douchebags! Nobody bumps this crap in the U.K nevermind the U.S. #1 Kano. #2 Sway. Afer that British rap is a mess!

UK Scene is blowing Up

Geezer let me tell u sumfin there are some Big Manz coming out of da UK Kano and Sway are just in da limelight, Bashy, Ghetto, Skinnyman, Chipmunck, Tinchy Strider, W.A.R. Martial check em out b4 u slate the UK scene, itz our scene we R not trying to b like the yanks we do our own ting, these MC'S are straight up Council estate boys that still move in the endz and deserve recognition for they're musical progression, Support the cause Blud
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Never heard of Kano or Sway but Eurogang got flow for real! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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Only just got round to listenin to this. This is pretty hot.
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yeaah i dont usally listen to this bc of the accent but i might as well try it *COOGI DOWN TO THE SOCKS*