DJ Allure & S.A.S. Presents Eurogang - The World Is Ours


01 S.A.S. & Villain - We Back
02 Bigz - Ransom Freestyle
03 Eurogang - Hooligang! Eurogang! (Feat. Hooligang)
04 Bigz & Villain - 16Bars
05 S.A.S. - 16Bars
06 Eurogang - Night Night (Feat. Nox & Frank Mula)
07 Villain - Flip Dat (Feat. J-Son)
08 Haze - Layer Cake
09 Villain - Say Hi To Da Devil (Feat. Al Doe & Mysonne)
10 Eurogang - News At 10
11 Kayo - Plenty Money (Feat. Bigz & Zaza)
12 Mark Henry - Flygeria (Feat. Bigz & S.A.S.)
13 S.A.S. - Die Slow (Feat. Kayos)
14 Eurogang - Euro Ambassador (Remix) (Feat. Prinz & Lazee)
15 Haze - Hustle Hard
16 Barkey - I'm Back
17 S.A.S. & Skyy High - Get It & Go
18 S.A.S. & Bigz - Flygerian Music
19 Haze - Snapshot
20 S.A.S. - Streets Have Changed (Feat. Unstoppable)

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Upsouth804's picture

S.A.S. Fukk Wit Dipset

I'mma have ta give this a listen because I fukk wit some of this niggas shit. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
Upsouth804's picture

Eurogang Is Hot

I fucks wit' these dudes! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
young-denaro's picture

You mean dipshit

This is no where near my level check out my page for that trill shit, Young Denaro $$Loyalty and Respect$$ check out my music,straight fire
ChitownRussian's picture

OK WHO CAN POSsibly be euro

OK WHO CAN POSsibly be euro here? besides me? i really would love to know, and clothes ok yall can bite of europeans like yall tightening your jeans like wayne and byrdgang, but euro rap got nothing on american rappers
i bleed hip hop's picture

sas is hot got 2 chek this

sas is hot got 2 chek this chit out. yung denaro giv it up n get a reg job. chit is wackkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!! i thought my boy wus horrible but u make him look like cassidy!