DJ Ant-Lo - The Sr8 Classics (Eightball & MJG)


1. Comin' Out Hard
2. Lay It Down
3. Mr. Big
4. Armed Robbery
5. Just Like Candy
6. We Started This Shit
7. Stop Playin' Games
8. You Don't Want Drama
9. Pimp Hard
10. Pimps
11. Space Age Pimpin'
12. Don't Flex
13. Sho' Nuff
14. In The Middle Of The Night
15. Starships & Rockets (Bonus Track)
16. Hard But Fair (Bonus Track)
17. Sundown (Bonus Track)

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strate classics baby. if u fuks wit 8ball and mjg dis is a must download.
๑۩۞۩๑ Mista-843 ๑۩۞۩๑! (south killalina)
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Muthafuccin legends right here boi!! I already have all this in my ipod touch but this shit goes fucking hard anyway! 8BALL & MJG, 3-6 MAFIA, OUTKAST, & UGK 4 LIFE!!!!
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Got to co-sign ya dog, 8ball

Got to co-sign ya dog, 8ball is in top 5 of all time! this is what southern rap is all about, and yea got all this but I grew up bumpin the fuck out of this. And if you never heard Tela Piece of Mind cd that shits classic
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Str8 from da mound!!!

MANE MANE MANE!!!! I don't really even have nuthin to say nuthin bout this. I been wantin "just like candy" in my MP3 collection for a while now, and now I got it. Y'all already know I rep ORANGE MOUND, MEMPHIS TN so really I'm just givin props to DJ Ant Lo for recognizing real music, classic southern rap, and puttin together this mixtape. If u take the time out of your (worthless) life to hate on this shit right here... dis shit right here nigga??? dis shit right here??? I wouldn't even respond cuz you must not know real shit when it smacks you in the face. Nuff said. I'm bout to bump dis junt i'm out. - M Town All Day

umm i always into ugk not

umm i always into ugk not 8ball and mjg
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I dont know how you can like

I dont know how you can like one and not the other, thats like sayin you like Outkast and not Goodie Mob.............check out 8ball's first solo album "Lost" shits classic!!
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u up north cats gets some of this ball & g n ya ear!!!

got all this isht..str8 lengends tho..
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Two of the best to Ever do it!!!

They never got the recognition they deserve. They better than UGK to me!Johnny C