DJ Ant-Lo - The Str8 Classics Vol 3 (UGK's Greatest Hits)


1. Look At Me
2. Something Good
3. Pocket Full of Stones
4. Diamonds and Wood
5. Wood Wheel
6. Choppin' Blades
7. Front Back And Side To Side
8. High Life
9. Ain't That A Bitch
10. Murder
11. Let Me See It
12. Take It Off
13. Pimpin' Aint No Illusion
14. The Game Ain't Rated (BONUS TRACK)
15. Bitch Get Up Off Me (BONUS TRACK)
16. Like Yesterday (BONUS TRACK)
17. One Day

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R.I.P Pimp C

R.I.P Pimp C
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R.I.P Pimp C

R.I.P. Boy .. gone but never forgotten Big lost :(
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yo im download dis shit right here. sum great tracks on here too. RIP PIMP.
๑۩۞۩๑ Mista-843 ๑۩۞۩๑! (south killalina)
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This Shits From South Dakota, Motherfuckin Pimp C Rest In Peace! All These Natives I Know Know Bout That Man His Homie Real As Fuck And Deserves The Respect He Earned For His Crew! UnderGround Kingz! Pine Fucking Ridge!
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Pinky Ring, Use me Up,

Pinky Ring, Use me Up, Pregnant Pussy, Return, 3 in the Mornin, Feel like Im the one thats doin Dope, Dont say Shit (one of if not the best UGK song to me), maybe vol 4

keep it trill

man, if i made this tape it would be about 3 cds long. are these bonus tracks worth the downloading? i dont know if i got them. rest in peace pimp c ugk 4 life
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I downloaded it just to

I downloaded it just to check that and #15 isnt even on it, but the song Like Yesterday is fire but I feel like Ive heard it on something that wasnt a UGK cd
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Smoke Sum' Bytch!

Im pimpin down the ave you know Im lookin tight... These jealous niggaz lookin at me and my car so shife! Wanna take my life, and wanna jack, but I see all through that... Never let these bitch niggaz take whats mine nigga never do that! Whos says he's going through a thang when ya aint never lied... I gotta a baby but its momma act like he aint mine... Wicked women using children to live on... When I hurt and try to hate cause she knows the thrill is gone... Say man I stop smokin with hataz back in 94! But niggaz thinkin that a sweet gone get the through my door... And niggas talk alot of shit in a safe place... I know cause he cant look me eye to eye when he in my face! Now nigga listen to my thesis, see just what I mean... Nigga I ride dirty everyday but still I shine so clean... Glitter and gleam aint all what it look like... So I keep swangin I hear clanging tryin to live my life. --R.I.P. PIMP C. THE TRILLEST!!!
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PIMP C R.I.P ..."repose en

PIMP C R.I.P ..."repose en paix" like we say in french .. A NIGGA FROM PARIS...

Mais on s'en bats les *****

Mais on s'en bats les ***** mogo

lengends of hip hop not jus the south!!! smoke sum bit*h!!

I GOT ALL THESE junts,r.ip pimp.i gotta bread truck get up off that crumb isht!!!
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Bun Iz Dat Nigga!

Dont underestimate my nigga Bun B. Him and Chamillionaire are the best thing smokin out of Texas rightnow!!! UGK4LYF!
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New Hard Working Talent

Please Help Me Be The Best Go To or or and listen to my music if you like what you hear get back at me
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Texas Boyz That Killed The

Texas Boyz That Killed The Game ! R.I.P Big Homie Bun B Mad Luv Bro !