DJ Biz & Suge White - Monstar Squad 3

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01.Biggaveli Intro
02.Max B Ft Ron Artest-Something Tonight
03.Jay Z-When The Money Goes
04.B.I.G-Flava In Ya Ear(Blend)
05.2pac-;Ambitionz As A Ridah
06.Max B-That Ain't Rain
07.Jay Z Ft Diddy-May Be
08.2pac Ft Big-House Of Pain
09.B.I.G Ft Lox-Freestyle
10.Max B Ft Mike Beck And Biggie-Ultimate Rush
11.Jay Z-In My Lifetime
12.Jay Z-What The Game Made Me
13.2pac Ft Mike Beck-Street Fame
14.2 Pac Ft The Dog Pound,Red Man & Method Man-Got My Mind Made Up
16.B.I.G-Microphone Murder
17.Max B-Whatcha Lookin At
18.Max B-Why You Do That
19.Jay Z-Girls Best Friend
20.Jay Z-Hot 97 Freestyle
21.Jay Z-Lyrical Exercise
22.Max B Ft Smitty & Rick Ross-Let The Drama Slide
23.Max B Ft Pete Rock And Jim Jones- We Roll
24.B.I.G Ft Jay-Sleepwalkers
25.2 Pac-If My Homie Calls
26.2 Pac & Biggie-95 Live Freestyle
27.B.I.G-Me And My Bitch (Live)
28.Max B-Blow Me A Dub Remix
29.Max B- Ft Mike Beck And Munch Dawg-So Cold
30.Jay Z-Cold Success
31.Jay Z-My President Is Black
32.2 Pac-You Can't See Me
33.B.I.G-Party And Bull Shit
34.Max B-Drop That Top

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what the fu*k does max b

what the fu*k does max b have to do with this ish?

the hell does max b have to

the hell does max b have to do with any of this?