DJ Coolbreeze And Grand Hustle Presents Yung L.A. In The Matrix

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1. 360s ft. Lil Boosie 4:39
2. Take Off Ft. Young Dro 3:23
3. I go Get It Ft. D Cooley Tracy T 4:14
4. Offset Shawdy Ft. Maceo Supa 3:47
5. How Bout It Ft. Willie Joe 3:29
6. Step Outside 3:24
7. UP Thru Dere Remix (Da Shop Boyz ft. Yung Dro) 2:41
8. Im Dat Nigga (B.O.B. Ft. T.I.) 3:48
9. Matrix Interlude 1 0:48
10. Style Like Wow 4:04
11. Matrix Interlude 2 0:32
12. Big Dawg Ft. Parlae J Money 3:40
13. Walk It To The Bank Ft. Lofat Rocko 3:53
14. Fall Back Ft. Yung Ralph 2:50
15. Stupid Sac (JR Get money) 3:37
16. We Rollin (T.I. Busta Rhymes Reek Da Villain) 4:20
17. Beatin (B.O.B. Ft. DJ Yola) 3:43
18. Like Da Pole Ft. Rob Fettin 4:28
19. I Dont Know Yall Ft. Young Dro 2:39
20. It Aint Nothin (Big Kuntry Yung Joc Trae) 3:56
21. Checkin My Fresh (Young Dro Kia Shine Maino) 3:42
22. Matrix Outro 0:52
23. Message To The Government (T.I.) 2:49
24. Middle Of The Day (B.O.B) 4:28

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its old but tight

its old but tight

VERY old

VERY old
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Man this motherfucker can't rap dude why he puttin out mixtapes.. damn... and that cut is wack as fuck

lol e-thug alert!!!!

lol e-thug alert!!!! GTFOH that cover art is crazy

I'm sure it's straight but I

I'm sure it's straight but I ain't downloadin it I jus like some of his songs. The rest of his shit sounds real homo

ay this tape got ah few

ay this tape got ah few songs on it. its straight