Jim Jones Presents Members Of Byrdgang 2


01. Jim Jones - M.O.B.? Intro feat. Max B) 05:26
02. Stack Bundles - I'm Paid 02:44
03. Jim Jones - I Need a Drink (feat. Max B, Mel Matrix) 04:22
04. Jim Jones - I'm So Hood (feat. Max B, NOE) 03:59
05. Jim Jones - Put In Twork (feat. Max B, NOE) 04:33
06. Jim Jones - We Gettin Cheese (feat. Max B) 01:14
07. Jim Jones - Byrd Gang (feat. Max B, Mel Matrix) 03:07
08. Jim Jones - Pop Bottles (feat. Max B, Mel Matrix) 03:31
09. Jim Jones - So Hard (feat. Max B, NOE) 04:01
10. Jim Jones - Red Rum (feat. Max B, Mel Matrix) 04:23
11. Jim Jones - It's Over (feat. Max B, Mel Matrix) 03:49
12. Max B - Clap & Revolve (feat. Mel Matrix, NOE) 03:54
13. Jim Jones - Dem Boys (feat. Max B, NOE) 04:24
14. Jim Jones - Summer Love (feat. Max B) 01:45
15. Jim Jones - Stronger 01:35
16. Jim Jones - What goes Around (feat. Max B) 03:24
17. Jim Jones - Ridin High (feat. Max B) 02:49
18. Max B - Hawaii 5-0 (feat. Styles P, Mel Matrix) 03:57
19. Jim Jones - Come Back (feat. NOE, Mel Matrix) 04:08
20. Jim Jones - Hoes (feat. Mel Matrix, Max B) 04:24
21. Jim Jones - No Love 00:59
22. Max B - No Where to Go? (feat. Mel Matrix, NOE) 04:26
23. Shoota - Freestyle 01:41

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! of da illest an realest in da game


this guy is a goon. he really is not a good rapper. got one hot song and think hes the shit.

dirt bag

Yeah....he looks like a douche bag. He looks dirty and grimey all the time, I think he stays that way to make himself look all street. If he thinks he's this big shot CEO or Entrepenuer and shit then he needs to clean himself up and spend some of his loot on some nice clothes that fit and maybe wash his hair and shave then maybe he'll be ".....BALLIN......"

yea right

u guys dont know what yall talkin about...jimmy is better than most of those fuckin new york rappers...dipset all fucking day..byrd gang bitches...yall better recognize dipset fuckin runs new york


i love dipsets music - but this guy jimmy is trash. name 2 good songs...

a few of my fav's

honey dip, we fly high (successful as hell), My Diary

my diary

'Member I was hungry, I was whippin in the Corsica Hoopty muthafucka, hoppin the double four's My pants droopy muthafuckas And pardon my grammar, my nana died '95 ? yall think this guy is a real lyricist - yeah some of his songs are decent, but theres no substance - and he repeats everything with an adlib


lol i'm not sayin i feel everything he puts out, that's untrue. yea he does repeat himself with adlibs constantly and i wouldn't put him as high as i do the legends. i just named a couple of songs i like by him.

M.O.B. 2

This shit go hard but VOL 1 was better!!!!

fuck jim jones hes fuckin

fuck jim jones hes fuckin wid a rat, aka curtis jackson aka fuckin snitch aka 50 change and thats all. im high DIPSET BITCH! I don know magic, but i make faggots levitate. shotty blast make ya top and bottom half separate.

props, shoutout to all of

props, shoutout to all of harlem.

yall some dumb

yall some dumb motherfuckers, not one of you knows the first motherfucking thing bout that dip. first of all jim jones isnt a fucking rapper dumb shits..hes a fuckin crack dealer..is richer than all u motherfuckers put together will ever be! he don't fuckin rap, he don't try to fuckin look pretty...he is dirty he is grimy he is fucking street.. yall need to go put in your 50 cent or ja rule albums or somthin you pop star lovin faggots.. and leave this real shit to the grown folks dipset all motherfuckin day bitch

factic bracelet big shit

factic bracelet big shit nigga :p

factic bracelet big shit

factic bracelet big shit nigga :p

factic bracelet big shit

factic bracelet big shit nigga :p