DJ Difference & Gillie Da Kid - King & Company

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1 - DJ Difference - Intro
2 - Wassup Featuring Meek Mill & Cyssero
3 - Getting To The Money Featuring Joey Jihad, Cyssero, Redi Roc, Black Dinero & Garcia
4 - Swagga Like Us Featuring Joey Jihad, Mike Knox & Ms. Jade
5 - The Color Purple Featuring Reed Dolla, TD, Bump J & E. Ness
6 - Out Here Grinding Featuring Oschino, Ace McClowd, Black Dinero, Reed Dollaz & E. Ness
7 - Freestyle Featuring Bump J
8 - Freestyle Featuring Pa Porter
9 - Buy That Featuring Haze
10 -Til I Die Featuring Ab-Liva & Mikkey
11 -Bout My Paper Featuring Archie Mili
12 -Do Dat Freestyle Featuring Meek Mill
13 -Street Nigga
14 -Be Careful
15 -Hater Featuring Reed Dollaz & Joey Jihad
16 -Pull The Trigga Featuring Kilogram & Journalist
17 -Only Ones Featuring Black Dinero & Nitty
18 -In My Bag (Remix) Featuring Meek Mill & Cassidy
19 -Holla Back Featuring Joey Jihad & Reed Dollaz
20 -Get Down On Da Ground Featuring Peedi Crakk, Freeway & E. Ness
21 -Superman (Remix) Featuring Black Dinero, Oschino, E. Ness & Peedi Crakk

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first u lame fuckers

first u lame fuckers

Submitted by Fag...well that

Submitted by Fag...well that explains everything


Gillie the kid are you serious, Weak, I mean seriously this guy is shrinkwrap.

What The FUCK!!!!

Gillie are you serious i used to love the major figga movement when i went to Overbrook in the early part of this decade, but now you on some ol sucka shit, how the fuck you gonna release a mixtape with songs from last summer on it, man that shit aint right, you keep yellin that you the KING of philly but the people in philly is tired of the same ol songs on *NEW* mixtapes, why dont you drop a single or something, cause what you doing now is what most rappers do when they passed the peak of their careers, (IF THE SHOE FITS NIGGA

umm gillie is fuckin ill.

umm gillie is fuckin ill. fuck all yall fake bitch ass motherfuckers who like weak ass shit. hes the real shit around here

sum ol but hot philly shyt no here

dat wassup shytis fuckin flamez tho