Evil Empire & Big Mike Present French Montana - The Laundry Man

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1. Intro - Roll A Philli
2. So Special
3. Business featuring Max B
4. Roll On 'Em featuring Arizona Slim
5. It Cost To Be The Boss
6. Friends featuring Max B
7. Find Me A Freak featuring Paul Wall
8. Battlefield featuring Max B
9. Already
10. Do For Drugs featuring Max B
11. What I Do (Remix) featuring Max B
12. Why So Serious?
13. We Hustle
14. Don't Worry Bout It
15. Shawty Baby
16. We Ain't Got Nothing To Lose featuring Akon
Bouns Tracks
17. New Nigga Now
18. We Renegades
19. City Of Dreams featuring Cassidy & AR-AB

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French Montana/ Max B

My Nigga Macaroni With The Cheese...... Already !!!!

This $hit is fire!!!!!

kinda suprised! but this dude go hard B! give it a listen