DJ Doo Wop - Wopduizm Pt 2


01. Doo Wop - Intro Part 1
02. Doo Wop - Intro Part 2
03. Doo Wop - Intro Part 3
04. Busta Rhymes - Dangerous
05. Don Black/Uneek - Freestyle
06. Lord Tariq - Freestyle
07. Peter Gunz - Freestyle
08. Big Pun/Cuban Linx - Freestyle
09. OC - Freestyle
10. Jay Z - Streets Is Watching
11. OC, Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz - Dangerous (Remix)
12. Don Black - The Last Don
13. Mary J Blige Blend
14. Usher (Doo Wop Remix)
15. Biggie - Warning
16. Tupac - Keep Ya Head Up
17. Big Bub Blend
18. Busta Rhymes Blend
19. Biggie - Juicy
20. Nas Blend
21. Get Around Blend
22. Big Daddy Kane Blend
23. Eryka Badu - Otherside
24. Tupac - White Man's World

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I'm liking these classic

I'm liking these classic tapes, much better than the garbage tapes with the same songs out now. How about posting some Vlad tapes?

peter gunz da top lyricist

peter gunz da top lyricist of our generation n das whats up wit it no if ands or buts

Why the fuck is there a Wu tang On the Cover and there is no Wu

Why the fuck is there a Wu tang On the Cover and there is no Wu tang tracks on this Man thats laim as hell Im not dissing the material and yeah the time was around the time wu was poppin but if you got a fuckin wu on the cover pu fucking wu on the mixtape RIP ODB YALL


Doo "W"op.... Wop starts with a W.... mainly because he has some weak ass graphic artist who can't make some new shit so he bit on Wu's W logo like a mark ass punk.