DJ Drama, Camron & Vado - Boss Of All Bosses 2.5 (Official Cover & Tracklist)

If you thought the previous artwork was hideous that's because it wasn't official.

Here goes the official artwork & tracklist for Boss Of All Bosses 2.5 (coming soon)

1. Welcome
2. Ya Lyin’
3. Raise It Up
4. Speakin’ Tongues
5. Steady
6. I Don’t Believe Niggas feat. Fabolous
7. New Head
8. We Gettin Money Baby
9. Ya Killin Me feat. KiD CuDi
10. Amberlamps
11. It’s Our Party
12. Like Sheeeeiit feat. LA The Darkman
13. Our Block
14. Fuck A Freestyle
15. The Council feat. Willie The Kid
16. I’m Sorry
17. I Ain’t Mad At You
18. Brick Breakers
19. Road Trip


BGD's picture

ahh man

cant wait 4 this cam stopped all the ruta toota puter talk and got back on his grind.
mynameisqiana's picture

ok now this is alot better.......

"No Signature Required and Dont Need A Cosigner"
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Been waiting on dis hoepfully it drops dis week

dipset!!!!! lets get

dipset!!!!! lets get it darealsteve-o

dipset is on a major come up

dipset is on a major come up pay attention yall fo real.....the blk shyne's on niggas, then i son them.
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Shouldn't this be out by now?
bole420's picture

that whats up

this shit go go hard no doubt cam and vado
blick's picture

I've been hearin talk of cam

I've been hearin talk of cam and jimmy gettin back together... rumors?----- G.D.P.
hiphopchild's picture

Yup finna go HAM

"naw i'll give you some cats down in DC, but no one in harlem...cuz when i get out i'll still be the king"
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Shit's Trash

Listened to this on Datt piff and Cam has gotten worse instead of better..Vado is simple spitting recycled material and the whole feel of the joint make me want to slit YOUR wrist....

About to check this shit out

About to check this shit out cam that nigga it's only a matter of time b4 kinfolk get his shit together These Urkel a88 nigg8 is turn'in into Stephon..!!strong>