DJ Drama & Ludacris - The Preview

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01. And Starring…
02. Still Spittin
03. DTP Magic (Feat. Willy Northpole)
04. Get Up Get Out (Feat. Block Xchange)
05. So Thoro
06. The Vocalizer
07. Bigg Ass House
08. 2 Kings (Feat. I-20)
09. Politics As Usual
10. Look What I Got (Feat. Playaz Circle)
11. Pinky Shinin’ (Feat. Small World)
12. Sho’Nuff Revisited (Feat. Lil Fate)
13. Ordinary Negroes
14. Busta Rhymes - Throw It Up (Feat. Lil Wayne & Ludacris)
15. LA The DarkMan - Coogi Down (Feat. Willie The Kid)
16. I’m A Dog (Feat. Playaz Circle)
17. Smokin Big Kill (Feat. Shawnna)
18. Stay Together
19. We Ain’t Worried Bout You
20. Roll The Credits
21. Been Puttin On / Secret Song

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Track 6

Mad ass diss on track #6!!!!!

Fuck you!

Weezy is much better. This mixtape is wack as fuck. I'd rather listen to SouljaBoy. Lil Wayne all day! He the king of this mixtape-shit.

Uh Oh.. We got ourselves

Uh Oh.. We got ourselves another Lil Wayne DickRider thats hating on a mixtape that doesn't have shit to do with Lil Wayne. The last time I checked this was a Luda mixtape. How the hell the Lil Waynes name come up? If you don't like something just don't listen to it. Luda's shit is hot so get with it or get lost. You're the only idiot that has come in here so far and made a negative comment. I'm tired of niggas shittin on other rappers because they think that Lil Wayne is god's gift to hip hop. I'm sure the game would survive just fine without him. Don't get me wrong I listen to Weezy every now and then but I got like 5 other artist that i would listen to before that nigga. Thats just my preference..but because I like those artist better than Lil Wayne doesn't mean I'm gonna shit on him. But because niggas are Lil Wayne fans they think they got the right to shit on another artist. I gotta question for ya are you a true Lil Wayne fan or are you one of those jackasses that decided to jump on the band wagon because everybody else did. Do you even know what that niggas first album was? I'll bet money that your dumbass will probably say the Carter or some Now back to the subject at hand...This is a hot mixtape and Luda did his thing on the joint. This has been one of the nicest mixtape in a while. I apologize for writing so much people. I just had to say what was on my mind and kick some knowledge to the ignorant.
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Ludacris is the shit, he's

Ludacris is the shit, he's my favorite rapper, Lil Wayne is hot too! It kinda upsets me to hear people say luda sucks also, da man does his thang over everthing he raps on. Do you hear Obama shoutin out to any other rapper. Ludacris will ALWAYS be a top 5 rapper PERIOD!

Knowledge is power

Just to elaborate on what my man sayin, really i dont hate on another rapper because i like one rapper better than him but this lil wayne phenomenon that he is the best rapper has clouded every ones good judgement. first If you boy kissed a grown as man on the lips who he said was like a father to him would you be like oh okay you still cool tho... i dont think so first thing you would prolly say is nig thats gay.... number two Lil wayne metaphors are simplistic at best i think thats why his main stream groupies say that he is lyrical but all it is that he adds minor complexity so that the people who dont understand true complex lyrics think that he is is god almighty of rhyming thats no fault of his own but dont hold him in the same respects as the greats... lastly im going expose that he is not the greatest rapper alive and that he knows that. If you can prove me wrong do so but i highly doubt it. Jay-z retires=Lil wayne "Best Rapper Alive Since the Best Rapper Retired" Jay-z returns=Lil Wayne "It's not your house anymore, and I'm better than you" lil wayne drops Mr Carter and this is the end all be all of his so called run at the throne cuz he allowed this verse to come out which means he is okay with its content. im just gonna take a couple of snippets from jay-z verse to prove my point. jay "I'm right, cheah In my chair With my crown, and my dear Queen Bee, as I share Mic time, with my heir" right there say it all my crown kings where crowns he is the king... with my heir... if you dont know what that mean it means second in line like vice president or prince in anyway no the top or the king... no you continue through the next two lines of the verse his rhyme tense is plural until he mentions the greats biggie, pac, marleys and marcus's.... in which he switches tense to singular. Now i have to give respect to lil wayn cuz he catches that and adds his fourth mini verse to combat this but lets be real who does that why add a 4th mini verse you should just take him off the track or let it ride. last line of jays verse" I took so much change from this rap game its your go" which is basically sayin i got what i wanted out of it you should do. Thats true complexity and some people dont hold him as a great. but you are entitled to your own opinion. if you can prove any of what i said to be false do so please cuz i only spit facts


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Shotty Pippen wrote:
Weezy is much better. This mixtape is wack as fuck. I'd rather listen to SouljaBoy. Lil Wayne all day! He the king of this mixtape-shit.
no wonder you'd rather listen to soulja boy, boy!!! u probably in his age(at most) and like retarted rappers like wayne only spittin ridiculous, circus-status punchlines bout jewellery, hoes and cars... FOR A YOUNGIN LIKE U THATS HIP HOP... but i dont blame u you gon grow up too..its aight! oh and onother thing according to researches, 70% OF LIL WAYNE FANS LIKE SOULJA BOY...aint that a bitch!!!





do u have anything to say about the mixtape?

or are u just here to tell us how much u wanna get filled up by lil wayne?

luda be killin shit lately.

luda be killin shit lately. this tape is nasty.
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Has not disappointed me yet...

dis shit raw!!!

dis shit raw!!!

I appreciate this shit...

I appreciate this shit... good looks
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Never lets me down

Luda is that dude, one of the best artists out period! i've heard most of this mixtape a week or so ago and... DAMN it's is nice, but that's no surprise luda's always been clean. Talent Display (GOOGLE ME!!)


Finally....been waitin for dis shit forever....


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Good look hardb0dy. Been waitin on this for a good sec & it is FIRE.

The Preview

Luda is the truth. Keep it pimpin', pimpin'. P.S. Go get that Nas, "The N." An isntant classic, right on time! The ONLY weak song on there is the most played, "We Make The World Go Around." Can't stand that sh*t. "It's the late night greasy spoon patron/ Poolhall making/ Big bets, midsection got the 8 in/ Dior Christian pimpin'/ Got that penal system diction/ Riffing, you don't want it you snitchin'/ Spit a few at a traitor with that new AR/ Try to kill me I'm the leader, that's coup d'etat/ Streetsweepers in that Coup all black/ B*tches want my chipped tooth back/ Steel mac, so my kufi never gets smacked/ Squeeze a fifth with a grip as I dip/ From the paparazzi/ Still playing numbers you can't stop me/ Still wearing bundles, and spark weed/ If I ever say "Queens get 'em", you know they got me/ Success, scandal, bone deep, personal beef/ So lead by example, or get trampled/ Since Hip Hop Is Dead, this is the N/ Congratulations in order 'cause we did it again." -NaS Support the real artists, underground, DJ's & veterans. B-More signin' out...1

im not even a luda fan but

im not even a luda fan but what the hell gave it a check tape is raw gotta give it to luda


atlanta stamp of approval hottest shit i heard all year no questions wont be leaving the deck for a minute


I'm not really big on south shit but dis shit is cold blooded! and if u about lyrics and some tuff beats dis is something u need 2 have on deck ready 2 get ur team off da bench.

future gangsta grillz

future gangsta grillz classic



fuck luda. weezy all day.

fuck luda. weezy all day.

lil wayne aint got nofin on luda

Guesttttttttt wrote:
fuck luda. weezy all day.
OK Biotch fuck weezy and his gettin tired lyrics his shit it weak " I'm a venerial disease like a menstral bleed" thats shit is garbage .Period. which by the way aint even a vd

Mixtape's bangin, worth the

Mixtape's bangin, worth the D/l And dont hate on none of these rappers. Comments like that just prove how ignorant the hip hop community has gotten. and about the weezy line, analyze it a little better. "I'm a venereal disease, like a minstrel bleed through the pencil and leak." the vd part is goin along with how ill he claims to be and has nothing to do with the minstrel part. The minstrel part goes along with the pencil leaking and bleeding on paper. pencil is interpreted into pen from that point. when people start listenin to music instead of just hearin it, hip hop will be runnin full speed.

they both dont go away fuck

they both dont go away fuck boy


HOT SHIT,this is a must download!!!
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Yes Sir

Yes Sir!!! Good Shit.
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typical of you to disagree with EVERYOTHERMOTHERFUCKER!!! rofl Props Luda...straight fire
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Shadowjudge wrote:
typical of you to disagree with EVERYOTHERMOTHERFUCKER!!! rofl Props Luda...straight fire
are you retarted? i said "this tape is fire" and its a "classic" but im disagreeing with everyone else because i never really felt Luda? god damn my man, you just lookin for a reason to get at me huh lol, fuck off my dick fuck boy, just cause i dont like Luda's style dont mean SHIT, what you think everybody likes him? Come on you cant be that slow, if EVERYBODY fucked wit Ludacris the dude would sell 100 BILLION albums, that goes for any rapper, not EVERYBODY likes EVERYBODY, what the fuck hommie I cant have my own opinion? I gotta like what everybody else likes? "newsflash" nigga..... IM NOT A DICK RIDIN NIGGA LIKE YOU, i fuck wit rappers that 95% of ppl dont like, two five, A Mafia, Newz, Jr Writer, niggas like that, how many ppl you know fuck wit those rappers, not many, like i said i like a certain style of Hip-Hop, mainly the HARD SHIT, D-Block all day, Hell Rell, M.O.P., feel what im sayin, to be honest it makes me like a artist LESS when everybody else jumps on their dick, like Lil Wayne for instance, i actually fucked wit him until everybody started suckin his dick, again im not a duck rider faggot, i dont like Ludacris, that makes me some kind of way cause i dont fuck wit him? i just dont like the niggas lyrics, style, swagga, he's kind of goofy, thats it, but i gave this mixtape PROPS, said is was a classic, fire, what the fuck? Hop off my dick and go find anotha nigga to argue wit, PUSSY.... "RFOL" fucking geek nigga P.S. someone please tell me what the fuck "smf" and shit like that means, im not to hip to all the "cool" internet chat words, im not 19 feel me, but i like to know what the fuck people tryna say, ya dig?


you need to get a blog or something folk every damn page on this site got u typing novels comment on the music and be out


this man be hollin! on all the mixtapes, tell how it sounds and go to blogspot 4 all dat shit man, i'm tired of these niggaz actin hard on dis shit.
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if you dont like my messages then SKIP OVER THEM, does anyone force you to read what i type? stupid muthafucka, dont read my shit then, and if you dont like me, well you know what you can do haha

real talk

keep killin em jay. aint ridin no nuts either but on da real most shit jay be sayin is the truth, just 2 many niggas thats hatin on dat you digg. luda aright but he aint all that. matter o fact allota cats dont dig his style. and on da real, how many tracks from luda can u hear in a row without his voice/style starting 2 get annoying as hell. real talk niggas gon hate (of course) but keep speekin ya mind jay. unlike allot of cats here you know your shit on the musictip. out!!!!! (cop that writers block 4. straight fire 4 ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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Guesticeman2008 wrote:
keep killin em jay. aint ridin no nuts either but on da real most shit jay be sayin is the truth, just 2 many niggas thats hatin on dat you digg. luda aright but he aint all that. matter o fact allota cats dont dig his style. and on da real, how many tracks from luda can u hear in a row without his voice/style starting 2 get annoying as hell. real talk niggas gon hate (of course) but keep speekin ya mind jay. unlike allot of cats here you know your shit on the musictip. out!!!!! (cop that writers block 4. straight fire 4 ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
glad you like what i gots to say lol, niggas like you are very rare on this site, glad SOMEONE is on the same level as me, im gonna tone it down a notch on here tho, shit gettin way outta control lol, feel me, you know da deal tho, you know what that good hip-hop is, keep bumpn dat shit hommie! Cop dat writer joint politics & bullshit, all fire, and writers block 5, im out, again good lookin out my nig i appreciate it!!!


.....u kno i don't say half the shit i wanna cuz i kno jayjay be steppin up big ups to all my haters but yo i would say eat a dick weezy but we all kno he would


1st. Stop holdin another mans dick nigga. jay got gwap, he dont need you to co-sign nigga. 2nd. i feel you on the luda, he aight i guess, nothin too special, but alot of other people be diggin his style. 3rd w/b 4 aint where its at, cop w/b 1, you know, when the nigga was hungry. B.E.Z.


1st. i aint holdin nobody,s dick b! if anything i´ts every1 comin at jay thats holdin eachothers dicks ya dig. real simple 2 gang up on a nigga 4 speakin his mind. every1 has their own aspekt on things in life,music ect.ect and all im sayin is that i feel jay on his opinion in hip hop. nigga got good taste in music point blank. 2nd. what the hell does jay having gwap got to do anything b??????? i mean, more power 2 any cats thats doing good, doing there thing and livin it up. (2 many brothers -n- sisters with great minds livin fucked up because of the system they was born in2) but like is said, that aint got nothin 2 do wtih anything here b. 3rd. i dig you on w/b 1. that was the best of the series. but you know how some cats get when they done got used 2 eatin good ya dig? w/b 4 is still of da damn chain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway im out. oh yeah,........... if anything im holdin on 2 some nice tits b lol peace ,,a thousand rubies on the wrist you caught me red handed,,(w/b 5)
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look bezel i aint comin at ya, me and you cool as far as im concerned but dont hate on that nigga cause he got my back, need more dudes like him actually. like he said, everybody on here just DICK RIDES and dont like me JUST BECAUSE the next nigga dont like me, its easy to follow, but to make your own path is what makes you REAL! this dude had enough heart to come on here and say that he fucks wit me and likes the shit i kick, you know how many niggas on here feel that way but scared to say anything cause im THE MOST HATED? saying you like me is like telling all ya boys you a homo or something lol, shit hard to do, give him props for standing the fuck up and saying how he felt, he aint dick ridin, he just sayin he like what the fuck i say, aint shit wrong wit that. its everybody else thats dick riding by not liking me, they the dick riders, not him! like i said before ALOT of people feel what i say on here but they send me privite messages because to do what he did and come out on here and post something like he did will cause everyone to come at them like they come at me, alot of niggas dont want that so they hit me up on the privite tip feel me? i just wanna say that i really do appreciate ppl that stand up on here and say they dig what the fuck im saying, i got MAD RESPECT for dat, im out!!!


holla!!! thats whats good my nig. aint tryin 2 come at bezel tha wrong way either... just tryin 2 get my point accross. like i said. the hell with all the jumpondatrain shit and trying 2 critisize a nigga cause everybody and they momma is doin tha same thing, without trying 2 feel a nigga out first!!!!! said it b4 and i´ll say it again everybody got they taste in things. but lyrically and on the deep, hard body shit jay no his shit. check on them niggas (rell, writer, jada, styles, louch, killa, a-mafia, 40, st. laz and the beat goes on and on my nig............. listen 2 da lyrics and compare it 2 allot (not saying all, but most of em 90% lol) non east coast mc´s and b honest 2 yourself. cant nobody really fuck with tha flow!!!!!!!!!!!!real talk im out. keep it real jay. da hell with da haters! you´ll all have enough time t 2 hate when tha lights go out and all haters meet face 2 face ya dig. real talk


Look man, 1st I aint hatin on him cause he 'got ya back" ya dig? I just dont like when niggas co-sign for another nigga who's capable of holdin himself down. Feel me? 2nd. I agree wit U that "the masses" will dick-ride cause thats how they are.3rd. Heres where i dont think you get it. Most of the dudes on here dont like you ,not cause you blazin ya own trail, it's a couple of things. The way you talk to people, your demeanor, your arrogance,sometimes, your ignorant and cocky. Alot of your comments on EVERY mixtape are very "matter of fact". I mean if you dont like it "it's too soft so fuck that it dont go hard" or "you a fuck boi " cause some1 listens to r&b blends. 90 percent of the time if someone on here likes something you dont you criticize them for liking who they like. What's the purpose? Different strokes for different folks feel me? Let them do them. You cant make someone change their mind about somethin by being ignorant to them about their opinions and preferences. Most of the time you talk to people like your better than them. Why, cause you got bread? I got bread. probably got more than you, i just dont talk about it cause thats drawin attention to myself and i dont need that kinda attention. Most people think you brag about yaself on here too. Look this is gettin kinda long so my point is just watch how you talk to people thats all. People respond better to "constructive critisism" , not just your or anyone elses force feed opinion on how or why their wrong or stupid or gay or homo or whatever else people be talkin. Do you , let them do them B.E.Z.


Respect to you bezzle. Fuck its nice to see some ppl here still have a brain. Peace yall


JayJayGemini's picture


yo bezzle like i said my nigga i wasnt comin at ya fam, i just appreciate it when a nigga stands up and admits to diggin what the fuck i got to say, that shit is rare on here, and wasnt nothin wrong wit it, i mean you kinda went at dude for havin my back so you know i had to throw my 2 sence in, feel me, thats why niggas DONT grab my back on here, cause if they do they get mashed for it, thats why it seems like everyone dislikes me, i bet close to HALF the niggas that read my shit feel it, but ONLY the haters respond, thats how it goes and you should know that, but i wasnt comin at ya fam, i said me and you cool as far as im concerned, you never came at me crooked so its all good!!! and trust me cuz I KNOW why niggas dont like me on here, but do you honestly think im gonna switch up my style or change my demeanor on here for these silly ass niggas lol... come on now my man, you should know better than that. Im a gemini, im misunderstood ALOT, im different, cut froma different kinda cloth, and niggas cant except that, i will be arguing on here for as long as i choose to be here, and i accept that, and the very few niggas that come along that dig me i appreciate, feel me? i can hold my own but it is nice to know some niggas feelin me, dig that? and i know im kinda cocky, thats how i am in real life, i dont think im better than anyone or anything like that, just confident, feel me? any nigga wit alot of money, nice shit, and a good lookin appearence would be haha, i kinda got a big head, i know that, but i back it up feel me, i know i show off, im a show off nigga, if you got it... STUNT, feel me, if ya got it... FLAUNT IT, dig it? aint that what ya favorite rapper does? what rapper dont rap about what they got and the money they got? feel me? thats what niggas do? i will tell you what, the saying "money changes a nigga" is 100% true, PERIOD!!! i know i mash niggas sometimes that dont like the same shit i like, but everybody do that, i know everybody got there own shit they like to bump to, but i just want everyone to fuck wit what i fuck wit lol, you know what i mean, i admit its hard to accept that its not the way it is, you know what im saying? fuck it! look nigga i aint always have what i have now, i grew up in a poor neighbor, wit nothing, pops was in prison, you know that kinda shit, so im PROUD of what i got now and what i acheived, i learned from THE BEST i will say that, so i flaunt it, im a stunna haha, feel me, a show off, 99% of niggas would be also TRUST ME! not saying im better than anyone though, shit aint like that fam, just happy for myself i guess you can say? and if you got gwap like that too, word my nigga, good 4 you, stay on ya grind, keep gettin it, go to bed wit money on ya mind and wake up wit money on ya mind, thats my mentality, feel me, i seen my first $100,000 this year, broke the 5 digit mark back in Feb, thats alot to me fam! thats what i got STACKED not what i made in a year or nothing like that, the most money i ever had at one time, im under that now cause i copped that Chrysler Aspen for my girl & kids, threw 10 down on that, was tired of the kids fuckin up my 300C feel me LOL, juice on da back seat and shit, but i will tell ya what, it was the BEST feelin in the world lookin at 100 G'S and knowin that shit was MINE and hard work pays off, feel that??? i mean i went as far as takin pics of my safe wit the money in it and puttin that shit on my myspace page LOL, feel me, a nigga just happy fam thats all!!! anyway keep doin ya thing and like i said your cool in my book my nigga, stay cool alright!!!


i aint got any personal problems wit u, just wanted to inform u on why and how most people dont like u. my man on the other hand dont like u , but hes his own man.we good, i just have an poinion about u and that would be i think u need to relax on here a bit thats all B.E.Z.


P.D.R. Professional Dick Rider, get the fuck on keep talkin shit, I don't care, at the end of the day what????... nothing. I'm out permanently.