DJ Teknikz And Tity Boi (of Playaz Circle) - All Ice On Me (Disc 2)

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1. All Ice On Me Intro
2. On Tour (Prod. By Big Hurt)
3.Trickin Off Feat M Beezy (Prod. By Mike Will)
4. Hottest In The City (Prod. By Wonder)
5. Hold Up (Playaz Circle)
6. I Lean Feat Dolla Boy & Short Dogg (Prod. By Big Hurt)
7. Trap Check Interlude
8. Steady Mobbin Feat Lil Wayne & Gucci Mane
9. Hood Shyt (Prod. By Big Hurt)
10. Pocket Full Of Money Feat Rocko (Prod. By Big Hurt)
11. Cant Wait (Playaz Circle) (Prod. By Big Hurt)
12. Swimming Feat Cap 1 (Prod. By Big Hurt)
13. Playaz Circle Feat Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne - Stupider Remix (Prod. By Big Hurt)
14. Walk It Feat Cap 1(Prod. By Big Hurt)
15. Stay Down Till We Come Up Outro
16. Streets Bought Me
17. May I Take Your Order

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Was this worth posting? [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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nope but it will give that

nope but it will give that yung screw nerd somethin to write on. Where is that stupid wankster
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Pretty Good

This mixtape is pretty good, if you like Playaz Circle. (The secret of getting ahead is getting started)