DJ Drama - Young Jeezy: You Can't Ban The Snowman

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Drama introduced Young Jeezy to the hip-hop world with the release
of Tha Streets Iz Watchin'. People really took notice when Mr. Gangsta
Grillz and Jeezy put Trap Or Die on 'em. This lethal duo brings you their
3rd collaboration and what Drama calls the best yet, as The Snowman
hits you with 27 exclusives, tracks & freestyles w/ his Corporate Thugz.

1 - Third Times The Charge
2 - I'm Back
3 - USDA's The Click
4 - Ya Dig
5 - Cadillac
6 - Reintroduction
7 - One's For CTE feat. Slick Pulla & Bloodraw
8 - Gangsta Party feat. Slick Pulla
9 - Say I feat. Christina Milian
10 - Better Than Ever
11 - U Can't Stop These Gangsters feat. Slick Pulla
12 - I Know U Don't Love Me feat. Slick Pulla
13 - Trap Star Feat Slick Pulla
14 - Jeezy The Snowman
15 - Burnin Up feat. Slick Pulla & Bloodraw
16 - Makin It Look Easy
17 - I'm A G feat. Slick Pulla
18 - Snitches feat. Bloodraw
19 - Studio Gangsters
20 - After 2 Million Sold
21 - Lil Buddy feat. Bloodraw
22 - Still Don't Kno
23 - Verbal Intercourse
24 - For The Hood
25 - We Major
26 - Still I Love It
27 - We Did It Again

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keep up the good work

dam mfizzel you got this bitch posted before you can even buy it. keep doin your thing, the streets are watching.
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this tape is good, but

i can't decide if i like this more than either one of the hustle & snow tapes. i like jeezy a lot, don't get me wrong, i just can't decide which one i like more.

dont worry, the trap or die

dont worry, the trap or die mixtape is definitely better.
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Trap Or Die

yeah i think so. don't know why i jus do D-Roc Nigga

better beats, better

better beats, better singles, better freestyles, better mix. trap or die and hustle n snow are both way better. if u ask me, i wasnt impressed compared to the last 3 other drama tapes. i mean t.i., saigon, and buck killed it compared to this ole gimmick shit.
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Mfizzel u killin it

i think u put this on hea jus 4 me. keep puttin dem hot tapez on hea. i fuckz wit jeezy so dis shit should be crack. keep doin yo thang D-Roc Nigga

im feelin this, keep em

im feelin this, keep em comin mfizzel.

Fo sho..... I am new to the

Fo sho..... I am new to the site, but im loving it already.

Can't Ban the Snowman — a

Can't Ban the Snowman — a collaboration with Young Jeezy — is probably the most anticipated. A lot of people are still bumping the Drama/ Jeezy classic Trap or Die, arguably the best mixtape to drop last year. It certainly helped kick off Jeezy's movement. "We were thinking about naming it Trap or Die 2," Drama said. "But we didn't, and I'm glad. It stands on its own. This shit might be better than Trap or Die. [Jeezy] stepped up. The tape is heat from beginning to end. It shows what zone he's in. He's touching on his life, the streets, his baby's mom. From a fan's perspective, they love when a nigga keeps it real. ... Last go around we did a smash campaign for the tape. This shit is just gonna hit, and I put everything on it, 27 tracks, all new exclusive music.

Cant Ban The SnowMan

What Can I Say, It's Just Real, Every Time He Makes A Record Its Go Be HoodHits So Hate It Or Love It. Critics Say There Wont Be One Better Then His 1st One, Shit The Way He Feel That'll Prolly Be His Worst One, And Everyone After That Will Prolly Be Better Then His Last,Real Talk You Can Kiss His Ass

Cant ban the snow man

damn jeezy killing every thing he one of the best in the game right now this mixtape cold ass hell
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Damn... jeezy done doing his

Damn... jeezy done doing his thing again. Nigga goes hard on everything
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my fav mixtape besides trap

my fav mixtape besides trap or die of course and i am the street dream ill bump this shit in my car all day *mz.thickness*