DJ Burn One, Big Kuntry King & Slick Pulla - The Corporate Hustle

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1. Big Kuntry King - Dirty Diana 3:13
2. Big Kuntry King And Slick Pulla - Porsche It Out 4:08
(Feat. Young Dro)
3. Big Kuntry King And Slick Pulla - House That Hoe 4:35
(Feat. Khao)
4. Big Kuntry King - Next Shit (Feat. Macboney) 4:11
5. Big Kuntry King And Slick Pulla - So Real (Feat. 3:57
6. Big Kuntry King And Slick Pulla - Mobsters 3:10
7. Big Kuntry King And Slick Pulla - Finger To The Law 4:10
8. Big Kuntry King And Slick Pulla - Killin' Em (Feat. 3:53
Young Dro)
9. Big Kuntry King - Drama Interlude 0:33
10. Big Kuntry King And Slick Pulla - Gangsta 4:41
11. Slick Pulla - Go (Feat. Luke Ruger) 3:29
12. Big Kuntry King - Reppin' Time 4:34
13. Slick Pulla - A Million 2:28
14. Big Kuntry King - Controlling The Base (Feat. 3:56
T-Rilla And AK)
15. Bloodraw - You Don't Live Like That 3:35
16. Big Kuntry King - Drop Top Chevy 4:08
17. Slick Pulla - Gettin' To It 3:29
18. Slick Pulla - I Ain't In To That (Feat. S.A.S.) 3:49
19. Big Kuntry King - On That Purp (Prod. By Lil C) 3:49

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Grand Hustle

This shits off da chain burn one comin thru with another one, and grand hustle provin the south runnin this shit

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Spit yo' game, talk yo shit, grab yo gat, call your click.

this big kuntry is pristine aka the finest. FUCK NIGGA;, reefer on my mind, talkin like i, fucking with a, NIGGA

Trealin' em slowly...

Each track is slow, smooth, and nicely produced. What else y'all want then two street veterans coming up burning one? This ain't just a mixtape, it's a movement..USDA/Grand Hustle


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The South Is Killing The Mixtape Market!!!

This mixtape is SICK!!!

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fuck that the south roll on

fuck that the south roll on this shit!!

im a east coast rap fan but

im a east coast rap fan but i like da south 2 & right now wit dis mixtape they stylin on em.


One of the 12 or so South artists actually worth listening to..

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CTE muthafuckas

this is straight fire yo
ole-bah ni-mi



Some HEAT!!!

This shit is NICE, homie.....If you ain't got it, get it!!!

U sponge bobbb N#$G%S

Slick Pulla is next to blow cant wait for 4th ward Pt2, that dude got the hectik slang he's like e-40/snoop mixed together with that extra swagger on top!!


Dj Burn One merked'em wit da corporate hustle...str8 up hate it or love it

dis dat crack

dis dat crack