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DJ Egg Nice - Jay-Z & Dr. Dre: Chronic 3000

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Out of the tiny state of Rhode Island comes a monster mixtape of legendary
proportions. What do you get when you cross The Chronic with The Dynasty?
The baddest Jay-Z remix tape we've ever heard.

DJ Egg Nice doctors this 100% remix/blend mixtape featuring Jay-Z verses over
Dr. Dre beats from front to back. If you thought the "Watcher" remix Dre cooked
up for Jay-Z was a good look, you'll be all over this mixtape.

If that's not enough, this mixtape is more than 50 remixes deep, seemlessly
mixed from front-to-back so you get a little bit of all your favorite Jay-Z
tracks and Dr. Dre beats. Check out the MP3 sampler (left), sit back, relax
and take notes.

1 - Intro
2 - Best Of Me (Chronic 3000 remix)
3 - City Is Mine (Chronic 3000 remix)
4 - 99 Problemz (Chronic 3000 remix)
5 - H To The Izzo (Chronic 3000 remix)
6 - Super Ugly (Chronic 3000 remix)
7 - Radio Freestyle (Chronic 3000 remix)

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