DJ Fletch & Chingo Bling - Chicken-Flip-A


1. (00:01:01) Chingo Bling - Chingo Bling Intro
2. (00:03:31) Chingo Bling - Put Me In The Kitchen
3. (00:03:40) Chingo Bling - Touchdown
4. (00:02:25) Chingo Bling - Tequila In My Cup
5. (00:03:37) Chingo Bling - Like This N Like That
6. (00:01:34) Chingo Bling - Aye Wey Wey
7. (00:03:54) Chingo Bling - Jefe (Feat. Stacks & Mav)
8. (00:01:28) Chingo Bling - Dientes De Ice (Feat. Nelly)
9. (00:00:29) Chingo Bling - The Southern Dynasty
10. (00:03:07) Chingo Bling - Hood Meskin
11. (00:02:58) Chingo Bling - Money Magnet
12. (00:02:52) Chingo Bling - Still Goin' Down (Feat. Fat Pat)
13. (00:02:06) Chingo Bling - Ostrich Boots
14. (00:01:54) Chingo Bling - Chyne Flu
15. (00:03:08) Chingo Bling - Monkey Ass Diamonds (Feat. Pimp C)
16. (00:01:08) Chingo Bling - Dopeman (Feat. Ice Cube)
17. (00:02:23) Chingo Bling - Seven (Prank Call)
18. (00:03:02) Chingo Bling - Plastic Crack (Feat. Lucky)
19. (00:02:36) Chingo Bling - Come On (Feat. Roxxi Jane & Kovas)
20. (00:01:06) Chingo Bling - Breakfast Sex
21. (00:01:42) Chingo Bling - Oh Let's Do It
22. (00:01:53) Chingo Bling - Turnt Up
23. (00:01:35) Chingo Bling - What Did He Said
24. (00:01:30) Chingo Bling - Partna Dem
25. (00:02:22) Chingo Bling - Fast Life
26. (00:03:53) Chingo Bling - Ball Everywhere
27. (00:03:11) Chingo Bling - Jelly (Feat. Lucky)
28. (00:02:29) Chingo Bling - Me Vale Madre
29. (00:03:32) Chingo Bling - Skrip Club
30. (00:02:21) Chingo Bling - Evil El Gupo Outro

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shit still bangs tho

chingo bling's that shit!

chingo bling's that shit! it's sad that so many of h-town's meskins are slept on right now, especially considerin a lot of it has to do with race
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Change It Up "Yawns" Shit Gets Old Fast !

Chingo reminds me of weird yankovich . I have no problem if u fuck around and play toward a crowd that dont respect the lifestyle there bumpin too but shit gets old with there fuckin silly shit . Chingo on the real nigga take shit serious cause a bitch gonna deep fry your ass like that chicken "rooster" u love . What i dont like about dude is he takes a good fuckin beat and track and fucks it up %85 of the time . Chingo gets mad when niggaz bootleg his shit when he bootlegging others shit ! I like chingo but dawg on the real the barney rap shit gotta go !!!!! Dude has skills and flows but he steady on that circus rap.
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In your whole post i felt like i was reading about a certain popular rapper in ATL, you can easily replace Chingo in your post with that nigga's name and be right on the money, im sure you know who im talkin about.
But yeah Chingo Bling use to put out some decent shit sometimes, wonder what happened.
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growth & development... Haha. {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤
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This Shit Hot Right Here. I

This Shit Hot Right Here. I Been Waitin. 10/10


Man this shit tight, man Chingo got flow and lots of skills, but yea he just havin fun with the music, which is cool to me. Check out his other chit like Tamale Kingpin and They Cant Deport Us All, all original flows and he still kills it. He is underrated but i think he will still blow up