DJ Folk & DJ Got Now Present Lil Boosie - The 25th Hour


Here goes the official version of Lil Boosie's The 25th Hour. The previous leak
only had 17 tracks compared to the 30 of this official drop.

Props to KC

1. Intro
2. Betta Believe It (remix) (feat. Yo Gotti, Bun B & Trae)
3. They Scared
4. I Been Icy
5. Death Around The Corner
6. I Did U Wrong (featu. Lil Quick)
7. End Of Time (feat. Money Bags)
8. The 25th Hour (Interlude)
9. I AinÆt Mad At Cha
10. If I Could Change
11. Deep Off In Tha Club
12. Streetz Iz Mine
13. Be Careful
14. Fresh Cut
15. Fresh Out The Shower
16. Down Here
17. 5 Star (remix)
18. Bout It Bout It
19. Boosie Talks Jail Time (Interlude)
20. Late Night Flights
21. I Know (feat. Hurricane Chris)
22. Sippin All Night
23. She Goes So Hard
24. Limelight (feat. Hurricane Chris)
25. Boosie Talks Free at Last (Interlude)
26. Did Her Wrong
27. My Children
28. Missin You
29. Outro
30. Jungle

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waiting on this

growth & development... damn im just in time FIRST of all keep ya head boosie ill be checking this out later on im out!
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Why is he dressed like hes

Why is he dressed like hes bout to go on Broadway with West Side Story?
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Why you worried bout da way

Why you worried bout da way my nigga dress bruh? You mad cause you a Bum?
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Naw if I was a bum I would

Naw if I was a bum I would have to fuck ugly ass bitches like you, thank god I have a job cause I couldnt handle that shit, I bet your pussy looks like beef liver on a fishing hook! Im shocked and kinda proud at the same time that you have overcome down syndrome well enough to use the computer and spell words, your mom did a good job with your home schooling.
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Yeah I know, you know my whole Life Story don't you? Gettin all emotional & shit. Calm down lil faggot.
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It's Boosie...what can I say. This dude right here got major potential to be better. It gets a nice 7.5/10. Make sure you also watch the movie "25th hour" directed by Spike Lee(2002)...Great Movie.

its aight...nothing i would

its aight...nothing i would listen to everyday or anything...i know everybody got to make their money off of ringtone checks and what not and i think boosie realize that but if you listen to some more of his work, he speak on some real shit sometimes

Must Download

GOTTA fuck wit this shit
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one of da realist

boosie one of da realist niggaz doin dis shyt!!he not lyrical but he 100 wit his shyt!!!!!!! free dat boi boosie!!!!
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bruhh diz how Boosie Do i

bruhh diz how Boosie Do i cuz diz nigga go harder dan anybody bruhh
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You already know..

Picked my fav tracks off out of these and made it out to Bayou classic and let a couple of these tracks play between some of that Wayne and some of the leaked Juvi tracks, And i heard Young buck being being bumped in somebody else car, i turned my shit down and me and my nigga'z just got outta my ride in the middle of canal st and went buck wild lol.. Man i love this shit.. im so high, don't mind me.
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----- New Orleans Nigga... I get SUPADOME!
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just heard this

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damn a nigga can just chill

damn a nigga can just chill and vibe to this right here bruh....gotta nigga straight before games and shit **Cant Fool The man in the Mirror**